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TTC#4 Cycle 6

February birthday - hopefully we manage it this month. I'm in two minds about trying next month as we already have two with a March birthday.
CD12345678910111213 14MMMMMM♡♡♡♡


CD1 - AF arrived in the morning, a day after an early BFP, making it a 25 day cycle. The last five months have been 26, 27, 23, 24 and 26 respectively, so irregular but not too far off.

Cycle day 14 we tried and failed at a bd attempt, and then I went on a 12km funrun on CD15! So that was it for May.

But, there was odd cramping/tummy upset from CD24, and no period. Tested on CD28, and 2 lines appeared - but the next day after two negative test results, I realised that first test was an ovulation test :(

CD29 - tested twice (due to confusion above), nothing on first test, faint line on second.

CD30 - faint BPF, stronger than yesterday! Will test again in 2 days, should be enough hCG by then.

CD32 - line is still very faint, but darker than before. Doctors app…