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Exercise update

It's now August and I've done pretty well with my exercise resolution, managing my exercise routine without a break until I fell sick in April with a doozy of the flu that knocked me about for 3 weeks. Since then I've had a few breaks from exercise as I've succumbed to winter colds (pretty bad this year despite the mild winter) but have kept up in between and on those days I wasn't feeling too bad.

I'm now up to Module 10 of Mutu (and yes they did change the format so that instead of Weeks, they're now Modules!). I ended up going forward past Module 4 without managing to get my gap down to 2 fingers, as I was getting far too bored with the same exercises. I could do the new exercises without doming or shaking so figured I was good to go.

Sadly even with all my hard work, there's not been much change. If anything, it looks worse, particularly as I've stopped breastfeeding now and my boobs are back to normal size. Yet, my measurements are still about …