Toilet training results

Day 1, halfway through first day of Hell Week (aka toilet training week):
Hits: 3   Misses: 5
He's not getting it yet. He is pretty pleased however when he does go on the toilet, but he's not yet twigged that all need to go on the toilet, and he can't just go anywhere like he could with a nappy. I suppose 2 1/2 years of training that he can go anywhere doesn't disappear in 4 hours. But I'm an impatient person, so it's hard to think that this is going to work when it doesn't immediately. I follow him around, watching him like a hawk (as difficult as you'd think when I have a babe trying to breastfeed at the same time). Every half hour I take him to the toilet. I gave up on undies after he wet through 3 pairs in an hour, so now he's running around nudie bum. Hubby keeps popping outside to do things so it's pretty much me doing the watching. Taking a break now while G naps... then on for the second shift. We haven't had a #2 yet so I'm thinking this arvo will be it...

Afternoon day 1: hits: 5   Misses: 3
Getting better at actually going when we sit him on, but its still just toilet timing. He hasn't yet recognised when he's started to go. No #2 yet. Also he mucked around after bedtime and when i went up an hour later he'd undressed and was undoing and redoing his night disposable (good thing about cloth is he can't undo the snaps!)

Day 2, morning: Hits: 5   Misses: 4
He got the first wee of the morning in the toilet, yay! The others were then started as accidents and finished in the toilet, although the last one he at least came running inside shouting, "Wee!" So he is starting to recognise when he's going. Just got to get that recognition earlier. For the last toilet before nap, he got up and went to the toilet voluntarily when i asked and did his first #2!! (we had had a #2 accident earlier but he hadn't finished it on the toilet.)

Day 2, afternoon: Hits: 2   Misses: 4
Ick. Well there's no going back now. He took his cloth nappy off twice during his nap (in which he didn't sleep) and cleaned up a #2 with a Lego booklet :( :( :( Bed was dry and clean and there was only a small amount on the floor. Not so great the rest of the arvo though. He weed on the floor after dinner (10 mins after refusing to sit on the toilet), but stopped himself (and appeared to be playing or trying to clean it up). Eventually convinced him to finish on the toilet which he did. Undies tomorrow. By the looks of the last 2 days we're going to need 8 pairs a day...

Have I mentioned I hate toilet training? E was so much easier. Def worth doing the toilet familiarisation that I did with E. The half-arsed effort I made with G hasn't helped as much.

Day 3, morning: Hits: 2   Misses: 1
Woke with a dry nappy! He then held for 3 1/2 hours, with us asking if he needed the toilet every 30 mins then every 15 as the time got longer, before he had an accident at the door of the toilet and finished on the toilet.

Day 3, afternoon: Hits: 5   Misses: 4
Dry nappy, went to toilet after nap. Had a slight miss when taking himself off to the toilet! But then an accident not half an hour later, but nothing when we took him to the toilet. Then another half hour, another accident, but this time we eventually convinced him to wee on the toilet. The rest of the arvo was a write off. Had to work really hard to convince him to go before dinner and before bed, but we did manage eventually to get a success.

Day 4, morning: Hits: 3   Misses: 1
Dry nappy, went to toilet in morning. Hubby asked if he needed to go an hour later and he said yes, and went! Whoo! Small steps.

Day 4, afternoon: Hits: 4   Misses: 0
Wet nappy but did go in toilet after nap. Am doing toilet timing at the moment, he's not taking himself. Took him every hour. He looked worried at one point, I asked if he needed to go, "Okay." Then "No!". 5 mins later he did the same thing, this time he said OK and let me lead him to the toilet... we got a #2! Thrilled with these as I hate cleaning soiled underwear... so much harder than cloth nappies. Took him before bed but he wouldn't go, so won't be surprised if he has a wet nappy tomorrow morning. Feeling less stressed now I'm doing the timing.

Day 5, morning: Hits: 2   Misses: 1
Wet nappy but did go to the toilet. Then I asked every hour, got him on the toilet before school drop-off but no wee... stayed dry during drop-off. By the time it got to 2 hours I asked every half hour. Got him on the toilet at 4 hours, nothing... walked outside and had an accident which he did willingly finish on the toilet.

Day 5, afternoon: Hits: 1   Misses: 1
Wet nappy after non existent nap. Did sit on toilet but nothing. Got through school run without mishap, accident around 2 hours after nappy change which I missed, and only knew from his wet clothes. Not super wet, but no result on toilet.

Day 6, morning: Hits: 3   Misses: 0
Dry nappy. Doing timing every 3 hours or before/after naps. I don't ask him as he says no, just take him by the hand and lead him there which generally avoids the power struggle. Required a full change of clothes as he didn't manage to point it down enough, but as he was on the toilet I didn't count it as a miss.

Day 6, afternoon: Hits: 3   Misses: 1
Dry nappy. Ew! Got called away from breastfeeding baby with the worst call in the world when toilet training.... "Mummy! Poo!" in a rather distressed sounding voice. Yuck. Will have to really watch him in 2 days time to try to get the next #2 on the toilet.

Day 7, morning: Hits: 3   Misses: 0
Dry nappy after sleep.

Day 7, afternoon: Hits: 3   Misses: 0
Dry nappy after nap. Not taking himself yet. Working on getting him to pull down his own pants and get onto the toilet, so when he does take himself it will be easier.

So week 1 of toilet training done. I'm a lot calmer than the first day. Still uneasy, especially when reaching that 3 hour mark, and every second day in the arvo when I will have to watch him carefully to try to catch that #2. I detest everything about #2 accidents... so different to cloth nappies where it's easy to take off and you just roll everything off the liner into the toilet and chuck the liner.

Steps learned - he can hold his urine, during the day and sometimes during sleep.
Next steps to reach - he needs to learn when he needs to go, for both #1 and #2s
   - he needs to learn to hold until he can get to the toilet (just the time required for a short run to the toilet and taking clothes off)
   - he needs to learn to take himself without help (may take a bit longer with the upstairs setup as the step is not as high)
Once those steps are reached I'll feel back to normal.

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