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36 weeks pregnant

That really did come up quickly.

Far more so than with the first two. An indicator, I think, of just how busy it is with two kids under 5 and another on the way.

I've finished work - started my leave just after I turned 34 weeks. I'm now doing the school runs morning and afternoon for my big boy who has just started full time school (after part time kindy last year), and looking after the increasingly difficult (terrible 2s anyone?) but happy 2 year old the rest of the time. It's not so bad during the day, especially as I have got his day naps back to normal after a brief period of him refusing to nap, but if hubby is out in the evenings it's a real struggle for me. He's out regularly twice a week but often will have something on on an additional day, which means mealtime, shower time and bedtime are all mine and it takes all of my energy to get this all done by about 8pm. Then i try to ignore the chattering coming from their room unless it goes longer than half an…