Diastasis recti update - third trimester

Have just come back from my final antenatal appointment with my physio at 33 weeks - next one will be after bub is born. Have been doing pretty well with my exercises - probably managing them 6 times a week. She wasn't able to get a passive measurement this time, due to baby now filling my belly, but she was very pleased with my active measurement - 3-4-3, down from 4-4-4 last visit!

So plan is to continue with my exercises until baby is born, at which point I am to stop. Then I'll visit within a fortnight after bub arrives and she'll check me and give me some (possibly) new exercises to do. Fingers crossed we'll be able to close the gap this time! I'm quite hopeful.

Bub has been head down since 31 weeks (yay!!), but is slightly oblique with head in my left hip. Will be trying a few Spinning Babies exercises to encourage him/her to move into my pelvis, and also have made an appointment at the chiropractor to see if they can help align everything (and also help with my right hip which is sore - the ligaments are much looser than my left).

31 week photo (because I haven't taken a 33 week one).

And a comparison at 31 weeks with baby 2 and baby 3. Looks bigger and higher this time round.

The scan to check placenta position is booked in for a week and a half. I'm getting more nervous as it gets closer. I really hope it's moved well away.

I'm also finishing up work next week. Earlier than normal, I'll only be 34 weeks, but we've pulled the kids out of daycare and hubby has been looking after them during his holidays. When he returns to work, I have to then take leave to look after them, and so I'll take a month of annual leave and the 8 months that my employer gives me, so will be back to work in November. Seems so far away, but I'm sure it will go quickly.

I hope to toilet train G while on my annual leave, before bub arrives - would make it much easier for me to only have 1 in nappies. He's not really getting the idea yet though... happy to sit on the toilet but doesn't actually do anything.

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