Brioche donuts

Mmm delicious!!

There's a fantastic bakery less than 10 mins drive from my house, right across from a large park which the kids love to play at. The bakery makes the most delectable brioche donuts, both rings and filled (and the filled ones are always changing - last time was a boston bun style with custard filling and chocolate glaze on the top). But they are $3.50-$4.50 each which adds up now that both kids want some too.

So on Saturday I found a recipe that didn't use too many eggs (as I was short) and mixed up some brioche dough, which I left to rise overnight in the fridge. Sunday morning I fried them, filled them with raspberry jam and rolled them in cinnamon sugar. I overdid the amount of jam in the first few. And then I exploded the piping bag so the last few were unfilled and I actually preferred that - not too sweet then.

They were a hit with the kids!

Original recipe here.

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