NT Scan

Had our NT scan at 13 weeks, on a Saturday. Took the kids with us as the clinic had said that was fine (and there was another family with a toddler waiting too). We had not told our eldest about the baby, because he's at the age where he really knows what that means, and we didn't want him telling people before we were ready (or if something was wrong trying to explain that to him), so this was our reveal to him. He watched the screen as the sonographer started the scan, DH asked him if he knew what he was seeing. "A baby!" he said with a huge smile. He got bored very shortly after that and started drawing pictures for us, but has given my belly lots of kisses and pats since and asks if he can talk to the baby. Very cute. G is too young yet to understand. Maybe by the time bub is due he will have some understanding.

We had no announcement plans this time... my parents dropped by on Sunday unexpectedly, on their way home from up north, and so we were able to announce to them then. Got E to tell them. DH has told people. I have yet to tell my bosses (meeting with one on Wednesday arvo) and sister before I let DH loose on Facebook to tell the world.

Back to the scan - it appears my placenta is on the back wall this time which is great - last time it was anterior and low-lying which had me worried about placenta previa/accreta. Turned out to not be a problem but was still a concern throughout. Pathology had not sent my blood results through, but the receptionist rang for them so the sonographers were able to give me the risks on the spot.

My background risks (based on age only) are quite high as I'm now 38 years old, for example the Trisomy 21 background risk is 1:115. But after the bloods and scans, my adjusted risk of a baby with Trisomy 21 is 1:2302, Trisomy 18 1:5783 and Trisomy 13 1:18095. I'm pretty happy with that. It took the sonographer a while to get the NT measurement as baby wanted to curl up, but eventually she managed to get bub to move so his/her neck was straight and we got a few measurements - 1.2mm, 1.9mm and another 1.9mm. They go with the worst so 1.9mm it was and they like it under 2.0mm.

I'm intrigued with the free beta hCG and PAPP-A levels this pregnancy. It's very different to my first; still trying to find where I put the results for my second so will add that in when I find it.

3rd pregnancy:
Free beta hCG: 0.736 MOM (MOM is multiples of the median)
PAPP-A: 2.537 MOM

I wonder if the high PAPP-A has led to the worse morning sickness this time round?

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