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NT Scan

Had our NT scan at 13 weeks, on a Saturday. Took the kids with us as the clinic had said that was fine (and there was another family with a toddler waiting too). We had not told our eldest about the baby, because he's at the age where he really knows what that means, and we didn't want him telling people before we were ready (or if something was wrong trying to explain that to him), so this was our reveal to him. He watched the screen as the sonographer started the scan, DH asked him if he knew what he was seeing. "A baby!" he said with a huge smile. He got bored very shortly after that and started drawing pictures for us, but has given my belly lots of kisses and pats since and asks if he can talk to the baby. Very cute. G is too young yet to understand. Maybe by the time bub is due he will have some understanding.

We had no announcement plans this time... my parents dropped by on Sunday unexpectedly, on their way home from up north, and so we were able to announce …