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Ashy Bines 28 day booty challenge

While taking a quick break from studying for work (truly, it was only a few minutes on Facebook) I came across a 28 day booty challenge with some amazing progress photos... of girls' bums. As I study at the local cafe which has wifi, I think there was a great risk of amusing any guys who happened to be sitting anywhere within eyeshot of my laptop screen!

That night I had another look at the programme, and was so impressed by the results photos I paid the $10 to join (lifetime access to that particular challenge). You get access to a website with all the program information on there, videos of the exercises, and a forum. There's also an app which I've installed on my Android phone (there's an Apple version too) which I've found really handy as you can click on any one of the 28 days and it has a list of all the exercises for that session, with timings, and videos to show you how to perform each of the moves.

The program starts off with an introduction where you need…