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Diastasis Repair - 3 weeks in

I'm excited to share that I can see some improvement in my belly, three weeks in to my new exercise routine! Here are the photos:

Not sure if much difference can be seen when viewed from the front. Mostly it's my belly button that has changed, which you'll see more easily in the final photo. My view, which is looking downwards, has changed a lot - belly doesn't stick so far out now :)

I hope that you can see it a bit better here but it is difficult to compare since I forgot to pull my pants down lower in the first photo. What I can see is that my belly is less rounded... starting to flatten out. There's now less of a distance between my clearly visible side muscles and my belly piercing. Remember I deliberately relax my muscles here so you can really see the effect of the diastasis (but not pushing my belly out - that would make the diastasis worse!)

And look! Look! My belly button is starting to retract!!! Oh I so hope I can get it to go back to being an innie so …

TTC #3 Cycle 4

Same as last month, I'm not tracking ovulation by temperature and am just going off the '14 days before expected period' expected ovulation date and confirming it with CM. Except last month there was no EWCM. I wonder if I actually ovulated?

CD12345678910111213 14MMMMMM

♡CMCMCD1516171819202122232425262728♡ CMCM

CD1 - AF arrived in the evening.

CD16 - don't know if we managed to catch the egg this month. Hubby and I were both sick right around my ovulation time - just a cold but still really put us off doing anything but sleep!

CD22 - 8DPO and no symptoms. Will wait to see if AF turns up on Friday or I'll test on Saturday.

CD25 - 11DPO. I've felt 'heavy' in my lower left hand side for a few days.

CD27 - AF arrived in the evening. This is proving to be quite difficult this time round. :( Onto cycle 5.