Two week wait

There's a difference between this two week wait and that of my first pregnancy... when there's already two kids, the days are so busy you don't often think about it. My work is quite busy the last few weeks, and when I get home it's a madhouse for a few hours until the littles are in bed, and then I try to fit in some chores before bed.

My cycles returned when G was 12 months old (a month earlier than with E). The first cycle was a few days shorter than normal, 26 days. The second was 19 days - and arrived in the middle of our week's holiday :( I'm now on day 21 of my third cycle.

If we conceive this cycle, baby would be due in late October. However if we don't, I would be taking a break next month as otherwise baby would be due around G's birthday. And then a break again the next month as due date would be near my birthday, and Xmas. Although of course that is estimating based on a 28 day cycle, so the plan may change.

Fingers crossed. The complication with this particular cycle is that hubby had to leave for a few weeks away on a work trip, 2 days before I think I ovulated. However, time will tell if we managed to catch the egg.

The app I use to track my cycles is called P Tracker, and then icon is a pink flower - I really like that it's not super obvious what the apps is for if someone is scrolling through your phone. It's free in the Google Play store and there's also a paid version which extends to pregnancy. You just enter the first and last day of your period and it does the rest, working out your average and when you can expect your next period. Of course, it works best if your periods are somewhat regular. Mine (usually) vary by 2 or so days either side, so it's helpful for me to know when to expect it. Also good when you go to the doctor (particular for a pregnancy test) and you can tell them an accurate first day of your last period.

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