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Diastasis Recti - Professional help

I decided it was time. I've tried without a complete success in closing the gap myself, over the last 5 years... I could get it down to 2 1/2 fingers wide between pregnancies, but never closed. So now that I'm in the middle of my third pregnancy, and it's wide enough that I'm reluctant to measure it, I contacted the physio at my backup hospital.

They didn't seem to be able to offer what I need; which is a one-on-one session to analyse my particular body and abdominus rectus muscles, and design some exercises for me plus assist me with those (i.e. show me if I'm doing them wrong). They offered a water aerobics class and I was welcome to come along to a drop in session, which is a waiting room for a period of time once a week, where you may get seen by the physio if you were in early enough. That and the fact that I've seen them during my first pregnancy, where a physio at that hospital basically dismissed the diastasis beginning at 9 weeks pregnant and told …

Week 27

Wow! How have I not blogged for 10 weeks??

So my physio appt went well and I've now had the second one. She takes two measurements of my diastasis - with the muscles relaxed at three different points, and same points again with the muscles tensed (how I usually measure). The first appointment both were at 4 fingers at the navel. By the second appointment baby had grown enough that the relaxed gap had moved to 8 fingers, but the active measurement was the same as last time. I think this was a bigger growth than she'd expected, but at least the tensed gap hadn't worsened.

I'm managing the exercises about 5 times a week. I try for every day, but there comes some nights where i'm just about asleep on my feet before I've done them, and I tend to skip them in that case.

I'm now on iron tablets after having a huge drop in ferritin from my previous test. I had noticed a drop in strength but not much else. Been on them for a few weeks now and have regained my streng…

Week 17

So it turns out I'm doing what every other mum of 2 seems to do, and that's struggle to make time to blog about pregnancy 3! The days just seem to slip by - too tired tonight, I'll blog tomorrow - and tomorrow doesn't come for a month. Or two...

Also reflects the state of my thoughts, I believe. Third time round and still early on, so while I'm not forgetting that I'm pregnant, it's more that it's become a familiar state and so it's not the focus of my thoughts. It's only thanks to my Ovia app, which emails me daily, that I'm aware of how far along I am.

One thing different though is the size of my belly. It's ridiculous. Due to the strong morning sickness the first few months, I stopped doing my regular diastasis exercises. My gap has gone from 3 fingers medium, to 4 fingers deep. I'm trying to pick that habit back up, but it's hard once you've let it go. I'm wearing my Tubigrip again to help support my muscles to hold m…

Brioche donuts

Mmm delicious!!

There's a fantastic bakery less than 10 mins drive from my house, right across from a large park which the kids love to play at. The bakery makes the most delectable brioche donuts, both rings and filled (and the filled ones are always changing - last time was a boston bun style with custard filling and chocolate glaze on the top). But they are $3.50-$4.50 each which adds up now that both kids want some too.

So on Saturday I found a recipe that didn't use too many eggs (as I was short) and mixed up some brioche dough, which I left to rise overnight in the fridge. Sunday morning I fried them, filled them with raspberry jam and rolled them in cinnamon sugar. I overdid the amount of jam in the first few. And then I exploded the piping bag so the last few were unfilled and I actually preferred that - not too sweet then.

They were a hit with the kids!

Original recipe here.

NT Scan

Had our NT scan at 13 weeks, on a Saturday. Took the kids with us as the clinic had said that was fine (and there was another family with a toddler waiting too). We had not told our eldest about the baby, because he's at the age where he really knows what that means, and we didn't want him telling people before we were ready (or if something was wrong trying to explain that to him), so this was our reveal to him. He watched the screen as the sonographer started the scan, DH asked him if he knew what he was seeing. "A baby!" he said with a huge smile. He got bored very shortly after that and started drawing pictures for us, but has given my belly lots of kisses and pats since and asks if he can talk to the baby. Very cute. G is too young yet to understand. Maybe by the time bub is due he will have some understanding.

We had no announcement plans this time... my parents dropped by on Sunday unexpectedly, on their way home from up north, and so we were able to announce …

Week 9

My last post was about me attempting the Ashy Bines booty challenge. I only lasted a few more days before the nausea kicked in so much I couldn't face exercising for an hour each night. The exercises take too long for a full-time working mum to manage. When I pick it up again, I'm going to have to extend each day's workout over two days.

But some more on the morning sickness. (which btw, is a really silly name for it. It's all day nausea and for me was worse at night). It hit me earlier than usual, during week 5, and came in waves throughout the day. I lost my appetite, forced myself to snack frequently, and could only manage small meals. It has only just abated over the last week to random mild waves at night.

To make matters worse, hubby was away working during both days one weekend where I had to take the boys to a 4th birthday party at a play centre (and was on call for work at the same time). I'd done our shopping on the Saturday, with both kids (which is an o…

Ashy Bines 28 day booty challenge

While taking a quick break from studying for work (truly, it was only a few minutes on Facebook) I came across a 28 day booty challenge with some amazing progress photos... of girls' bums. As I study at the local cafe which has wifi, I think there was a great risk of amusing any guys who happened to be sitting anywhere within eyeshot of my laptop screen!

That night I had another look at the programme, and was so impressed by the results photos I paid the $10 to join (lifetime access to that particular challenge). You get access to a website with all the program information on there, videos of the exercises, and a forum. There's also an app which I've installed on my Android phone (there's an Apple version too) which I've found really handy as you can click on any one of the 28 days and it has a list of all the exercises for that session, with timings, and videos to show you how to perform each of the moves.

The program starts off with an introduction where you need…

TTC #3 Cycle 5

Cycle 5 now. Our first two babies were conceived in cycles 2 and 3 respectively. I can't understand why it's taking so long this time. I can only assume it's my age. I also don't know for sure if I'm ovulating as I sold my Maybe Baby and don't have any OPKs.

I'm also worried that even if we manage to conceive #3 we may not actually be able to conceive #4 at all... being that it's taking so long this time.

We're going to try something called SMEP this cycle. Sperm Meets Egg Plan. You basically start DTD every other day from CD8, then once you get a positive OPK you BD 3 days in a row, then miss one day and BD the next day. By then you're in the TWW.

Only issue with that is I don't have any OPKs. I've read and a positive OPK indicates ovulation will occur within 24-72 hours. The only way I have to tell is EWCM, and it appears that ovulation occurs for most women on the last day of EWCM - I'll try t…

Diastasis Repair - 3 weeks in

I'm excited to share that I can see some improvement in my belly, three weeks in to my new exercise routine! Here are the photos:

Not sure if much difference can be seen when viewed from the front. Mostly it's my belly button that has changed, which you'll see more easily in the final photo. My view, which is looking downwards, has changed a lot - belly doesn't stick so far out now :)

I hope that you can see it a bit better here but it is difficult to compare since I forgot to pull my pants down lower in the first photo. What I can see is that my belly is less rounded... starting to flatten out. There's now less of a distance between my clearly visible side muscles and my belly piercing. Remember I deliberately relax my muscles here so you can really see the effect of the diastasis (but not pushing my belly out - that would make the diastasis worse!)

And look! Look! My belly button is starting to retract!!! Oh I so hope I can get it to go back to being an innie so …

TTC #3 Cycle 4

Same as last month, I'm not tracking ovulation by temperature and am just going off the '14 days before expected period' expected ovulation date and confirming it with CM. Except last month there was no EWCM. I wonder if I actually ovulated?

CD12345678910111213 14MMMMMM

♡CMCMCD1516171819202122232425262728♡ CMCM

CD1 - AF arrived in the evening.

CD16 - don't know if we managed to catch the egg this month. Hubby and I were both sick right around my ovulation time - just a cold but still really put us off doing anything but sleep!

CD22 - 8DPO and no symptoms. Will wait to see if AF turns up on Friday or I'll test on Saturday.

CD25 - 11DPO. I've felt 'heavy' in my lower left hand side for a few days.

CD27 - AF arrived in the evening. This is proving to be quite difficult this time round. :( Onto cycle 5.

Exercising for diastasis repair

Guess what's back! Yep - my postpartum series.

After a long hiatus, I'm going to start posting again on my progress healing my diastasis recti. You guys can hold me accountable for sticking to my exercise routine and getting those muscles back together!

I did exercise after baby 2 - I went to a weekly Mums and Bubs pilates class, but there was no improvement in my tummy. Then my health insurance rebate ran out so it was full cost for the classes, and I went back to work a month later, so I stopped and didn't really pick anything back up again. My gap was still around 3 1/2 fingers in the middle, and regressed to deep. Then all of a sudden a few months ago I looked like I was pregnant again - but wasn't. It was all just bloat, or tummy pooch. Yuck.

Happily, I came across a photo on Instagram of a girl who'd healed a 10cm diastasis with exercise, and her stomach looked amazing. Six pack abs and all! And then, she'd had twins... exercised throughout her pregnancy,…

TTC#3 Cycle 3

So we've managed to miss a christmas baby by being careful around my fertile window. And, when I say christmas baby, I do mean christmas - my due date would have been Dec 22 and since I go 3-5 days over, it would put me bang smack on xmas day.

If we managed to conceive this month, I think due date would be 17 January. I'm on cycle day 1 today and my last 3 cycles have lasted 26, 27 and 28 days respectively, so I think that's all gone back to normal now.

I sold my ovulation microscope after our second baby, before we decided to go for a third and fourth, and I don't have any opks, so just relying on the guesstimate of a fertile window from my Period Tracker app.

CD12345678910111213 14MMMMM


cc♡c  c

CD14 - According to my P Tracker app, I should ovulate today. I sold my Maybe Baby so have no way of testing for ovulation, except to wait a day or so for EWCM to appear. In the meantime we're just BDing as much as we can.

CD21 - moder…

Archived appointments - baby 2

CHN appt - 29 JulyDaycare starts - 27 July6 month vaccinations - 17 June4 month vaccinations - 10 AprilCHN appt - 5 March2 month vaccinations - 2 FebruaryCHN home appt - 8 JanuaryMidwife postnatal appt - ? JanuaryMidwife postnatal appt - 31 DecemberMidwife postnatal appt - 27 DecemberMidwife postnatal appt - 16 DecemberDr appt for Medicare rebate referral - 13 DecemberMidwife postnatal appt - 11 DecemberMidwife postnatal appt - 6 DecemberMidwife postnatal appt - 3 DecemberDoula postnatal appt - 3 DecemberMidwife postnatal appt - 1 DecemberMidwife postnatal appt - 29 NovemberMidwife postnatal appt - 28 NovemberMidwife appt (turned into postnatal appt! - 27 NovemberMidwife appt - 21 NovemberMidwife appt - 14 NovemberMidwife appt - 8 NovemberHospital appt - 5 NovemberDoula appt - 1 NovemberMidwife appt - 29 OctoberMaternity shoot - 29 OctoberBlood test - 21 OctoberDoula appt - 16 OctoberMidwife appt - 16 OctoberMidwife appt - 29 SeptemberMidwife appt - 15 SeptemberHospital appt - 10 Sept…

Breastfeeding update: 16 months old and weaning

A couple of weeks after my last post, I noticed G was starting to sleep through the night. Despite saying in my last post that I wasn't going to do any form of sleep training, I ended up giving him a bottle of water if he woke before I'd gone to bed. If he woke after that I'd feed him as normal.

Whenever I gave him the water he'd suck it down fast as though he were thirsty rather than hungry, and would usually settle back down for the rest of the night. So I started putting him to bed with a bottle. He drinks as much as he wants and then goes to sleep, and generally doesn't wake till 6am, which means a full night's sleep for mama! (Well it would if I actually went to bed before midnight!)

He's now only breastfed before bed and occasionally in the morning. Tonight was the first night he didn't take up the offer of boobie before bed... so I think he's started self weaning.

My only concern is the water before bed may cause issues when we start toilet t…

Breastfeeding and night-weaning

I stopped expressing at work when G was 14 months old. I had dropped down to once a day and was only getting about 60mLs, so having to top up his bottles with cow's milk. He drinks two bottles of dairy at daycare and most of the time will indicate he wants a boob when we get home from work. then he has a feed after dinner before bed, wakes around 11:30pm and again around 6am. His brother was sleeping through the night by 12 months but G is still waking at least once. I think it is because he is still trying to catch up all the weight he lost when he got so sick his first 2 months in daycare. He's still tiny and light compared to his peers, where he was around average before. So because of that I'm not trying to night wean him yet. With E I was exhausted when I returned to work and it was necessary to attempt some form of night weaning. My method was simple - I used to refuse to feed him if he woke before midnight... Would just go in and try to resettle him, then leave. If…

Save the pregnancy test

And... October is not going to be our month. That was our second try.AF arrived today making this month a 27 day cycle... certainly beats last month's record of 19 days. I don't know what to do for next month though. I don't think it's really fair to G to have a sibling born within days of his birthday. Might just stop trying for this month and back into TTC in April.Next month would put the due date right near my birthday and Xmas, which also may be my midwife's yearly holiday break. Pretty sure she took Dec/January off the year G was born... I think I was her second last or last mum to give birth, and then she does 6 weeks of visits. Hopefully she'll be available in our due month when we finally conceive :)I use this website to work out due dates. It's spot on if you're regular and have a 14 day luteal phase... but even if not it's a good estimate.

Two week wait

There's a difference between this two week wait and that of my first pregnancy... when there's already two kids, the days are so busy you don't often think about it. My work is quite busy the last few weeks, and when I get home it's a madhouse for a few hours until the littles are in bed, and then I try to fit in some chores before bed.

My cycles returned when G was 12 months old (a month earlier than with E). The first cycle was a few days shorter than normal, 26 days. The second was 19 days - and arrived in the middle of our week's holiday :( I'm now on day 21 of my third cycle.

If we conceive this cycle, baby would be due in late October. However if we don't, I would be taking a break next month as otherwise baby would be due around G's birthday. And then a break again the next month as due date would be near my birthday, and Xmas. Although of course that is estimating based on a 28 day cycle, so the plan may change.

Fingers crossed. The complication…