Waffles for dinner

Not as bad as it sounds, honestly. I had chicken defrosting but realised, too late, that it needed marinading, so back it went into the fridge for the next night and I had to think of something to feed two hungry boys. G will have a go at pretty much anything but E is quite picky. We didn't have much in the way of meat and he won't eat veggies unless they're hidden, and I needed to make something quickly.

Suddenly it came to me - savoury waffles! I found the recipe in the Breville sticky waffle recipe book online, and followed it exactly, except I also added chopped rocket and spinach into the mix. Next time though, I would really cut the oil down... the bacon added so much fat to the mix there was oil dripping out of the waffle maker and it took me quite a bit of work to clean it afterwards - not to mention the effect on your body of too much oil.

My waffle maker does a flower pattern, which when separated makes 5 heart shaped petals. G ate a heart and E managed about 2... so good result for G but not one of E's favourites. He can eat 5 of the sweet ones if I put maple syrup on them. I'd call it a success however, since he had a go at them :)

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