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A day of sunburn

Funeral was yesterday and I decided to take public transport. Never again. I work about half an hour from the suburb this cemetery was in, but bus/train/bus combo was going to take an hour, so I left 90 minutes before. My workmates had left an hour before me as they wanted to get lunch. I didn't want to make a day of so decided to work a bit longer and come along afterwards. I arrived at the train station with 40 mins to go and the bus to the cemetery was 20 mins away. It didn't look far in the map so thought I'd just walk there and get there early. I walked. And walked. And walked. Faster and faster. The footpath ran out and I had to detour round a block so I wasn't walking on a road full of trucks. I was 20 mins late when I finally arrived :'(

Then I tried to find the chapel it was in. I've never been before so had no idea from the map. My hope was to either sneak in at the back or wait outside the chapel and join in as they moved to the crematorium. I finall…


Tomorrow is going to be a very strange day.

We received the sad and unexpected news last week that a colleague had had an accident whilst walking back to the office after work, which resulted in a severe head injury. The next update from his family came as a shock to us all as we hadn't realised the severity of it; sadly they informed us he had not survived the injury and died two nights after the accident.

I won't go into details out of respect to him and his family, but just to say he left behind a wife and two children, which is just heartbreaking. Added to that that his death was unexpected, and at Christmas time which to me always seems worse - a constant reminder of what's been lost at a time when everyone is happy and enjoying silly season.

Tomorrow is his funeral.

I have so far, managed to avoid all funerals except two. One was a child who was killed during a sporting accident while I was at school. I didn't know him, and I don't recall much about the funer…

Waffles for dinner

Not as bad as it sounds, honestly. I had chicken defrosting but realised, too late, that it needed marinading, so back it went into the fridge for the next night and I had to think of something to feed two hungry boys. G will have a go at pretty much anything but E is quite picky. We didn't have much in the way of meat and he won't eat veggies unless they're hidden, and I needed to make something quickly.

Suddenly it came to me - savoury waffles! I found the recipe in the Breville sticky waffle recipe book online, and followed it exactly, except I also added chopped rocket and spinach into the mix. Next time though, I would really cut the oil down... the bacon added so much fat to the mix there was oil dripping out of the waffle maker and it took me quite a bit of work to clean it afterwards - not to mention the effect on your body of too much oil.

My waffle maker does a flower pattern, which when separated makes 5 heart shaped petals. G ate a heart and E managed about 2..…