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First birthday party preparation

Have been flat out lately, as you can probably guess by the lack of posts! Work and travelling to and from work take up 10 1/2 hours, then I try to cook and eat dinner, bath the kids and get them to bed at a reasonable hour, do washing/washing up/tidying etc and work on galleries for my photography business. I end up getting to bed at midnight, get woken once or twice to feed G, and then up at 6 to get ready for work. I really do need more hours in the day.

Oh, and I finally got my car back after 6 weeks at the repairers. The boot is still out of square but I've taken it back once already so they could get it to actually shut without having to be slammed, and I can't afford more time off work driving out there and shuffling about with hire cars again.

During my expressing breaks at work, I take my tablet with me and note down any ideas I have... from boring ones like what chores need to be done or what food we've run out of, to ingredients from Pinterest for dinner and ide…