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Birth story part 3

...continued from Part 2

So to finish up, my midwife put the catheter in (my bladder wasn't as full as she'd been worrying) and we waited for the cord to stop pulsating before i pushed out the placenta. (by the way inserting a catheter without an epidural is not painful, just a bit uncomfortable for a few seconds). Cord took quite a while, at least half an hour. I think it was because my uterus and body were tired from the prolonged second stage. Finally it stopped and hubby got to clamp and cut the cord.

I wasn't feeling any contractions, but i tried pushing the placenta out. Nothing happened. My midwife had a gentle pull on the cord and said she thought the placenta had separated fine. I kept trying, but no luck. I asked if i should try an upright position so they helped me up to lean over the back of the sofa. At this point i told them i was quite dizzy, and i lay my head down over the sofa back as i pushed. They were watching me carefully after i said that... and good …

Birth story part 2

...continued from Part 1

My midwife tried to insert the catheter, but was unable to due to bub's head pressing on my bladder. No wonder i couldn't empty it myself! So we decided to focus on getting bub out and then the catheter in.

This is where my easy birth turned into hard work. I pushed on my side. I pushed on my back. I tried a few contractions on my knees but very quickly realised my back was the most comfortable and effective. I pushed with each contraction until bub's head was about 5cm visible across, but at this point i wasn't stretching any further. My midwife tried perineal massage, but there was a tight band of skin/muscle that just wasn't thinning and stretching any further. Bub was doing well, heart rate dipping as i pushed and recovering to baseline as the contraction finished.

After around 3 hours pushing out of the pool, my team were getting very concerned about possible bladder damage and a fourth degree tear - my perineum was getting shorter and…

Birth story part 1

I woke up at 6am when i was 40+3 days into my pregnancy with some mild infrequent contractions and some more show. I didn't know if this was it, or just more ramping up towards labour, so i continued my day as normal - took our toddler to daycare, chatted with the girls there about the xmas party later that day (where they joked again there might be a baby by that time - unlikely, i thought!), and headed back home. The contractions were regular and more frequent by this time - maybe 8-10 minutes apart to my estimation, but easily able to breathe through. I tidied a few things away, but was pretty pleased with my housework in the last few days to have everything ready and looking nice for a homebirth and the resulting photos. I cooked myself some eggs for breakfast and started drinking (water and coconut water) to stay hydrated.

Hubby came home from work at lunchtime after texting me all that morning and announced he was off to pick up the toddler immediately. No, i pleaded, let hi…