Week 24

week 24 pregnancy side view

week 24 pregnancy side viewweek 24 pregnancy front view

Definitely popped out this week! Including my belly button, which is very outie and no longer has an indent around the edge. I've had to remove my piercing as it was starting to pinch, but i can't wear my pregnancy belly ring as the Tubigrip presses it too hard into my skin and the resulting red marks hurt more than the pinching of the normal jewellery. I am now inserting my regular piece at night once a week just to keep the piercing open (i've had it for years but it still closes pretty quickly).

week 24 pregnancy tubigrip belly binding

And for those who are interested, this is what the Tubigrip looks like. I now fold it over at the top to provide extra support to the navel area, as this is where my belly went super pointy last pregnancy. It had started to poke a bit a few weeks ago so i started the folding then and it's helped a lot.


How far along: 24 weeks.

How big is baby: an ear of corn.

What is baby doing this week: Your baby now weighs more than 600g. She is starting to fill the space in your uterus (womb). From crown to heel she could measure 30cm. Though your baby still has little body fat and her skin is thin and fragile, she's well-proportioned. Her brain is growing rapidly, tastebuds have fully developed, and her footprints and fingerprints are continuing to form. Inside her body, her lungs are developing branches of the respiratory tree as well as cells that produce surfactant. This substance will help her air sacs inflate once she reaches the outside world.

You may be noticing stretch marks on your belly, hips and breasts. These faint, red or brown streaks are known as striae. Whereas creams won't erase them, wearing a supportive bra may help prevent or minimise them on your breasts.

They are very common at this stage of the pregnancy – about 90 per cent of women get them. After you've given birth, the reddish or brown pigmentation in the stretch marks gradually fades, and the streaks become lighter than the surrounding skin.

Also, your eyes may be light-sensitive and may feel gritty and dry. This is a perfectly normal pregnancy niggle known as dry eye syndrome. Try to rest your eyes as much as possible, and keep them clean with cotton wool and warm water.


Total weight gain: 53kg, a gain of 800g since last week and 6.2kg since the start of pregnancy.

Maternity clothes: Maternity bras, maternity trousers, my longest tshirts. Getting close to having to wear maternity shirts as my regular ones are starting to get a bit short in front.

Sleep: Not too bad... mostly midnight but i've managed a few 10:30/11:30pm bedtimes.

Best moment of the week: Feeling kicks at the top right side of my uterus (my right), which i think means baby has turned head down.

Food cravings/aversions: None.


Nausea: None.

Fatigue: Nope.

Other: The 'leakage' from last week has disappeared as my cough goes away - yay! Reflux has returned, most evenings i can feel the acid and if i bend too much it rises into my throat.

Movement: Active, mostly morning and evening. I think at some point last week he turned cephalic, as the stronger movements that feel like kicks happen up the top just above my belly button (although quite far to my right), and the movements in my pelvis feel like weaker kicks and wiggles - i think that's arms and hands. Today i did a lot of weeding on hands and knees and while i can feel him move, i can't feel kicks - which i think means he's anterior, an ideal position for birth :) November shall be full of gardening!

Gender: Boy.

What i'm looking forward to: a non-eventful second half of my pregnancy (fingers crossed). Hopefully my midwife will tell me he's turned head down at my next appointment. Although babies tend to still move around a lot at this stage, having had a breech before i do tend to worry a little when he's not head down, even this early.

What i miss:

Next appt: 13 August.

What else i've done this week: Decided on baby boy's bedroom colours.

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