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Week 28

Belly has definitely overtaken the boobs! Such an outie belly button too. I hope it doesn't get stretched so much it goes huge and completely flat by full term like last pregnancy.


How far along:28 weeks.

How big is baby: a chinese cabbage.

What is baby doing this week: Your baby weighs a little more than 1kg and may measure up to 38cm from top to toe. At about this time, she can open her eyes and turn her head in your uterus (womb) if she notices a continuous, bright light shining from the outside. She's getting used to blinking her eyes, which now have eyelashes.

Her fat layers are continuing to form and her bones are nearly developed, though they are still soft and pliable. Her bones won’t harden properly until after she's born.

You're in the home stretch. The third trimester typically starts this week and lasts until the end of week 39 and sometimes even beyond. (Don't worry – 42 weeks is the maximum! After that, a mum-to-be is usually is induced to give …

Toilet training a toddler - part 1

Familiarisation with the toilet:
Our story started some time after his first birthday, probably around 14 months. I had read about Elimination Communication, and how mums successfully had their babies without nappies because they were able to see from baby's cues when baby needed to go. I didn't think i'd be much good at that, but the idea made sense to me, and i thought it would be worth a go, albeit with nappies on. I started putting him on the toilet, just to familiarise him with it, each morning after he woke up and each evening before his bath. We were so excited when we got the timing right one day and he did a wee on the toilet! Big fuss was made, but it was quite a while before we got another.

At one point his Number 2s coincided with him getting off our bed in the morning, after we'd got him up out of his cot, and running around - within a minute or two. So we timed it to take him immediately when he tried to get off our bed, and this worked well - we had quit…

Week 27

A definite difference in my belly shape from 6 months with pregnancy #1 (left) and 6 months with pregnancy #2. I believe this is all thanks to my pregnancy support belt.


How far along:27 weeks.

How big is baby: a cauliflower!

What is baby doing this week: Your baby now weighs nearly 875g and will probably measures more than 36cm from head to toe. His eyes open and close, he sleeps and wakes at regular intervals and he may suck a finger or thumb.

Sweet dreams, little baby! Some experts believe that babies begin to dream by week 27. What do they dream about? No one knows for sure but your baby's brain is certainly active now. The characteristic grooves on his brain's surface is starting to appear and more brain tissue is developing.

You may be detecting rhythmic movements, which is simply your baby having an attack of the hiccups. They are common this week and throughout your pregnancy. A spell of hiccups usually passes in moments. The sensation for you may be strange, but…

Week 26

Getting a round tummy now!

And the change in my belly over 4 weeks. Very gradual but you can see it.


How far along:26 weeks.

How big is baby: a continental cucumber.

What is baby doing this week: Measuring your baby from top to toe with her legs extended, she is probably about 36cm. She weighs a little more than 760g. Your baby's eyes begin to open around now. Her response to sound grows more consistent towards the end of the seventh month, when the network of nerves to her ears is complete. She may be able to hear you and your partner chatting. Your baby also continues to take small breaths, getting plenty of practice for when she's born. It's all preparation for when she takes that first gulp of air.

Since your baby is now growing so fast, and brain development is so intense at this stage, your nutrition is very important. Continue to eat a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of grains and vegetables. Fibre-rich foods, including whole-grain breads and cereals, …

Week 25


How far along:25 weeks.

How big is baby: a swede.

What is baby doing this week: our baby now weighs nearly 660g and is about 35cm long from crown to heel. He's beginning to exchange his long, lean look for some baby fat. As he does, his wrinkled skin will begin to smooth out and he'll start to look more like a newborn. His senses are becoming more sophisticated, too. At 26 weeks, fetal brain scans show response to touch. If you shine a light on your belly, your baby will turn his head, which means his optic nerve is working.

At every antenatal visit, your midwife or doctor will take your blood pressure and do tests on a sample of your urine. In this way, pregnancy-related conditions such as pre-eclampsia and diabetes can be detected and treated.

Your fingers, wrists and hands may be feeling achy and numb. The passageway, or carpal tunnel, in your wrist that carries your nerve and tendons to your hand is swollen, as are many other tissues in your body. The nerve that runs…

Week 24

Definitely popped out this week! Including my belly button, which is very outie and no longer has an indent around the edge. I've had to remove my piercing as it was starting to pinch, but i can't wear my pregnancy belly ring as the Tubigrip presses it too hard into my skin and the resulting red marks hurt more than the pinching of the normal jewellery. I am now inserting my regular piece at night once a week just to keep the piercing open (i've had it for years but it still closes pretty quickly).

And for those who are interested, this is what the Tubigrip looks like. I now fold it over at the top to provide extra support to the navel area, as this is where my belly went super pointy last pregnancy. It had started to poke a bit a few weeks ago so i started the folding then and it's helped a lot.


How far along:24 weeks.

How big is baby: an ear of corn.

What is baby doing this week: Your baby now weighs more than 600g. She is starting to fill the space in your uteru…