Week 21

week 21 pregnant belly side view

week 21 pregnant belly side viewweek 21 pregnant belly front view

Sorry for the late post, busy weekend and then i got sick. Only just managed to take the photos this morning at 21+5.


How far along: 21 weeks.

How big is baby: a banana.

What is baby doing this week: Your baby now weighs about 360g and is about 27cm long. Your baby's eyebrows and eyelids are fully developed, and he can now blink. If you’re having a boy, testes will descend from the pelvis into the scrotum in the coming weeks.

If you've started to feel your baby's movements, you can look forward to more action in the coming weeks. You may soon feel like she's practising martial arts, as her initial fluttering movements turn into fully-fledged kicks and nudges. You may also discover a pattern to her activity as you get to know her better.

You're probably feeling quite comfortable these days. This, in fact, may be the most enjoyable time in your pregnancy. You're not too big yet, and the usual aches and pains associated with pregnancy like nausea, frequent urination, and fatigue are for the most part gone. Relax and enjoy it while you can.

Have you thought where you might have your baby? Find out more about having your baby at home.


Total weight gain: 51.2kg, a gain of 100g since last week and 4.4kg since the start of pregnancy. Can't complain about that gain this week.

Maternity clothes: Maternity bras, maternity trousers, normal tshirts. Getting close to having to wear maternity shirts as my regular ones are starting to get a bit short in front.

Sleep: Still need to work on the usual getting to bed on time.

Best moment of the week: Had two photoshoots lined up this weekend and my business cards arrived. Almost ready to start booking paying clients - just need to find them!

Food cravings/aversions: None.


Nausea: None.

Fatigue: Nope.

Other: None.

Movement: Active, mostly morning and evening. Getting rhythmic movement now that makes me think hiccups.

Gender: Boy.

What i'm looking forward to: a non-eventful second half of my pregnancy (fingers crossed)

What i miss:

Next appt: 18 July midwife appointment (rescheduled from 15th).

What else i've done this week: Nothing pregnancy related.

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