Anatomy scan

I've taken a little while to write this up. I think i built it up a bit much with the hope that we'd have a pigeon pair family, and when that fell through it took me a few days to get used to the idea.

So yes, we are now team blue and are having a second BOY! We are happy to have another gorgeous healthy boy, but sad that we will never have a daughter. I told my online mothers group and those who had also ended up with two of the same told me they understood my disappointment in not having one of each, but encouraged positivity by telling me that now they had two of the same they wouldn't change it as the siblings developed such a close bond and really played well together, having similar interests. And, the world can always do with two more wonderful, kind, gentlemanly men. So i'm looking at that as the positive and gradually i can look at pigeon pair families as i walk around the shops and not feel sad. And, because i'm starting into photography, i can make gorgeous headbands and tutus for the little girls i get to photograph, one of the things i would have like to do for a daughter :)

Mind you the toddler was more than happy to model said tutu for sizing and wanted it on again today! Haha. Husband wasn't too pleased! I'm not worried if a two year old wants to wear a tutu and have nail polish (he hasn't shown interest in the latter). It's all part of them trying out different things and they haven't been told yet that it's 'girly' or 'gay', which is a lot of what makes them stop i think.

It has made us stop and think if we want to raise our family size from two kids to three, to see if we could actually go for a girl. I think however that we'd end up with three boys. I also don't like the number three in families, it's an odd number and you tend to get two ganging up on one at any given time. (Our family had three kids, it's how i know!). Hubby has also genetically produced three boys now. We're not entirely sure if he's the biological father of his first two kids (boy and girl) - they look nothing like him or the third child but look very much like his adopted brother. I think i've mentioned previously how messy his family is (parents, siblings and his ex). So from that it seems he produces boys only. I know of a family who kept trying for a girl... they were up to 7 boys last i heard! I like two; it's doable cost wise, particularly with daycare and then later with sports/hobbies. It's easier to do things with two such as go shopping/to the park etc with only one adult. Also my low-lying placenta this pregnancy has really made me think about how a lot of pregnancy is up to chance - for example a complete previa would have dashed my hopes of a vaginal birth and could have also put me at risk of placenta accreta and a hysterectomy. Each pregnancy would have all those different things again that could go wrong.

Speaking of, that was the second part of my writeup here, i have a low-lying placenta. It's anterior and is 15mm from the cervical os. It should move further away as the lower part of the uterus develops around the third trimester, and the doctor at the scan recommended another ultrasound at 32-34 weeks to make sure it's moved a good distance. I think a lot of doctors prefer 25-35mm away from the cervix, which it should definitely be by that point in time. I would however prefer not to get the scan. I am certain that the 30 week scan was what turned my son breech last pregnancy, as he was transverse that next morning when i woke and settled into what i now know was footling breech when i got up. He was head down at the scan. If however my midwife is unwilling to continue with a home birth without knowing the location of the placenta, then that may be my only option for a home birth (unless we go unassisted). Will need to discuss it with her at the appointment and see how she feels.

On the plus side however, baby boy is looking healthy, heartbeat of 142bpm, and everything developing as expected for this gestation :) We saw his little heart beating, the four chambers, valves opening and closing, and a beautiful spine, much clearer than last time as it is now changing from cartilage into bone. 10 fingers and 10 toes!


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