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Week 18

Below is my belly progression for the last 4 weeks. Looks like the belt did help a little today. It's quite obvious the belly bulge is not baby, but rather bloat and diastasis weakness. You can see where my baby bump is starting to become more obvious, just under my right hand.
And here's the comparison in my stomach from my first pregnancy to my second, at 4 months. Funnily enough i'm wearing the same trackies! Chiro is really helping me remember how to stand straighter (or it's actually improving my natural posture - hopefully this rather than just the former).

How far along:18 weeks.

How big is baby: a sweet potato.

What is baby doing this week: Your baby is about 12cm long from crown to rump and she weighs about 190g. Her chest moves up and down to mimic breathing. Her blood vessels are visible through her thin skin, and her ears are now in their final position, although they're still standing out from her head a bit.

Soon you may get glimpse of all the thi…

Week 17


How far along:17 weeks.

How big is baby: an onion.

What is baby doing this week: Your baby is now nearly 11cm long from crown to rump and weighs about 140g. His skeleton is mostly rubbery cartilage, but will start to harden as the weeks go by. A protective substance called myelin slowly begins to wrap around his spinal cord. Sweat glands are starting to develop all over his body. Just as he grows bigger, the umbilical cord, his lifeline to the placenta, is growing stronger and thicker, too.

Your expanding uterus (womb) has shifted your centre of gravity and you've probably been feeling a bit off-kilter. If you like wearing high heels now is the time to err on the side of caution and switch to flat or low-heeled shoes.

Total weight gain: 49.5kg, up 600g from week 16, a gain of 2.7kg overall. Eek! As i only gained 8kg by 40 weeks with our toddler, i need to start watching any junk i'm putting in my mouth (chocolate - …

Announcing pregnancy on Facebook

Or titled, announcing to everyone i haven't already told :)

We'd had it planned for a while - in fact we took the photo back in April when i was only just pregnant. I called it 'Plus one', put no other explanation on it, and posted it :)

People got it right away without us having to elaborate further, and the likes and comments came pouring in :)

Week 16

Popped this week - but not as much as it appears... I normally tense my stomach muscles slightly when i stand. Must have breathed in and relaxed them for the photo above. See below for the difference - gently tensed muscles on the left, relaxed on the right! STATS:

How far along:16 weeks.

How big is baby: a yummy avocado!

What is baby doing this week: Your baby is now some 10cm long from crown to rump, about the size of an avocado, and weighs about 100g. In the next three weeks she'll go through a tremendous growth spurt, doubling her weight and adding centimetres to her length.

In or out of the uterus (womb), babies are playful creatures. Yours may already have discovered her first toy, the umbilical cord, which she'll enjoy pulling and grabbing. Sometimes she may even clutch it so tight that less oxygen gets through. She'll let go of the cord before she starts to go without what she needs.

Your baby's head is more erect than it has been, and her eyes have moved closer t…

Announcing pregnancy to work

I puzzled over this one for some time. Last time, i had a quick meeting with my boss to let him know, and on the same day, on his suggestion, i also let one of my colleagues (who we had hoped would fill in for me while on maternity leave) know. The rest of my team were told a few days later, when i brought in cupcakes that were iced in blue and pink. They were all oblivious! My teammate who knew and i had great fun dropping hints but in the end i just had to tell them outright.

Pinterest is usually a great help in situations like these, but the only announcements i could find that would be suitable for work really only applied to first pregnancies. Until i came across this shirt (on Pinterest, sold on Etsy) and thought, 'Brilliant! I can let the shirt do the talking for me!'

Isn't it cute?! Hubby loved it and wanted me to order it, but i wasn't so sure after a little while. I thought it might be a bit 'in your face' for work. It's also just a loose shirt rat…

Week 15


How far along:15 weeks.

How big is baby: a navel orange.

What is baby doing this week: Although you've probably gained between 2.2kg and 4.5kg, your baby weighs in at only about 70g. He measures nearly 9.1cm long, crown to rump. You may not know it when it happens, but your tiny tenant frequently gets the hiccups, which babies learn to do before breathing. Babies don't make any sound because their windpipe (trachea) is filled with fluid rather than air.

Your baby's legs are growing longer than his arms now and all his joints and limbs can move. His genitals may be developed enough to show on an ultrasound scan. You'll have to wait a little longer, though, to find out if you're expecting a boy or a girl. Your next scheduled scan is at about 20 weeks.

Total weight gain: Up 2100g from pre-pregnancy, up 800g from last week.

Maternity clothes: Maternity bras, normal clothes. Although, i think i'm going to …

Announcing pregnancy to parents

I puzzled over how to do this one. Last time, we went to my parents' house and called my sister on Skype, and got them both to open cards which we'd made and sent to my sister (and i had mum and dad's with me).

This time we'll be at home. We're not sure how to do it. I have a photo ready for our Facebook announcement, which i'll probably post several weeks after everyone else knows, but do we use the same photo and send it to the parents and sister/brother in law over Skype while doing a group chat? Or do we buy a special Big Brother tshirt for our toddler and let him announce it? The trouble with the second, apart from cost, is that it may not be clear enough to read over a Skype video chat.

A couple of weeks after i wrote this, they decided it for me. Mum asked if i was free on a particular Sunday as they wanted to come up to visit. So we decided to buy a $5 blackboard on eBay and write a cute little message on it. Got the idea from Pinterest. We'll write…