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Week 14

Almost announcement week!

I've been wearing my new tubigrip for three days at this stage, and you can really see the difference in how it's flattened out my belly.

Here's the progression from week 11 to week 14.

And just for fun, this is a comparison of my belly at 3 months with baby #1 on the left and baby #2 on the right. The only difference so far is my pointier belly with baby #2, caused by the diastasis.


How far along:14 weeks.

How big is baby: a lemon.

What is baby doing this week: Crown to rump, your baby is about 8cm long and weighs about 40g. Her body is now growing faster than her head. This week, her parchment-thin skin is starting to cover itself with ultra-fine, downy hair (lanugo) that usually disappears before birth. Though her eyebrows are beginning to grow and the hair on top of her head is sprouting, this hair may change in both texture and colour after birth.

Thanks to brain impulses, your baby's facial muscles are getting a workout as her tiny fe…

The breech situation

On Friday i met with my midwife from my last pregnancy, who will be my midwife again this time around. I had a huge list of questions to ask her, from the '44 questions for your midwife' on Birth Without Fear. I modified the list to suit me. Most of the answers were what i expected, and i was happy with that.

Sadly however she won't do home breech births, and doesn't have birthing rights at the hospital. Apparently no registered midwife can attend breech at home, as they can be deregistered. We asked what if we didn't have a known breech (i.e. did no ultrasounds after 20 weeks) but she pointed out that she may palpate a breech (feel the position of baby when feeling my belly). If i have a known breech at term, she can attend me in labour, but cannot leave me. Once i start moving towards the end of active labour she will ask me to go to hospital, if i refuse she has to call an ambulance. I can then choose to go with them or tell them to leave.... and i really can…

Week 13

A little bit of a change in my tummy this week. However, because of the cooler weather and my need to wear a jumper to keep warm in work's cold aircon, i'm confident in keeping my pregnancy hidden for another two weeks until we're ready to announce :)


How far along:13 weeks.

How big is baby: a peach.

What is baby doing this week: Your baby is now about 6.7cm long from crown to rump and weighs nearly 23g, about the same as a pea pod. Tiny fingerprints are now at the tips of her fingers. Your baby has sucking muscles in her cheeks, so when you poke your tummy gently she will feel it and start rooting. It's a rehearsal for the important instinct of searching for your nipple once she's born.

If you're having a girl, she now has approximately 2 million eggs in her ovaries. She will have only a million by the time she's born. She'll have fewer eggs as she gets older, and by age 17, the number will have dropped to 200,000.

As for you, the fog may be liftin…

NT Scan

Scan is complete, and we've ticked off two of my three concerns.

They were running behind half an hour, but i was most impressed with how quickly they got all the measurements we needed! 15 mins and we were out of there. They also did the report on the spot, so my risk for trisomy 21 went down from 1:201 based on my age, to 1:4096 after NT and blood work. The other trisomies were even lower :)

However, my placenta is anterior (at the front). I asked if they could tell if there was an accreta over my cs scar (where the placenta attaches over the scar and grows too deeply into the uterus trying to get a good blood supply through the scar tissue), but they said they can't tell at this stage as the uterus is still so small the placenta covers most of it. They said they'll have some idea at the 19 week scan, and even then the placenta could move out of the way as the uterus continues to grow. 90-95% of previas (where the placenta is covering or touching the cervix) from the 19 …

NT scan tomorrow

And just like last time, i'm nervous. Unlike last time though, i've only really been thinking about it since Monday. It's tomorrow arvo, so i'll need to keep myself busy in the morning (i took the day off work) to keep my mind off it.

I think that as soon as we've seen baby is moving, i will ask the sonographer where my placenta is located. So long as it's away from my scar (placenta accreta) and my cervix (placenta previa), it's all good. Once that's out of the way, all we need to be concerned with is the nuchal fold measurement (or any abnormalities that could be seen on ultrasound).

Fingers crossed. And i'm going to stop thinking about it until tomorrow.

Week 12

Had a little helper with my photos this week. He also tried to help me upload them, which meant i had to do it several times after he deleted them and typed over them! Please excuse the bruise on my leg, my helper opened the oven door on it and i bruise easily. I have a worse one on my hip from standing up and hitting the bath tap :(


How far along:12 weeks.

How big is baby: a plum.

What is baby doing this week: Your baby is about 5.4cm long from her crown to her rump and weighs slightly less than 14g. The big news this week is that your baby's reflexes are becoming more honed. She'll squirm if you prod your belly, although you probably can't feel her moving around yet. Fetal nerve cells have been multiplying rapidly and the neurological connections in her brain (synapses) are forming. She can close her fingers, curl her toes and clench her eye muscles.

All the while, your baby's face is beginning to look more human. Her eyes, which started out on the sides of her h…

Week 11


How far along:11 weeks.

How big is baby: a lime!

What is baby doing this week: Measuring from the crown of his head to his rump, your baby is now about 4cm long. He has all his parts, from tooth buds to toenails and his fingers and toes have fully separated. Your baby is busy kicking and stretching. His movements are so fluid they look like water ballet. These movements will become more frequent as his body grows and becomes more refined.

Most of your baby's critical development will tail off in the next couple of weeks. His main task during the next six months will be to grow larger and stronger, until he can survive on his own outside your uterus (womb).

Total weight gain: Up 200g from pre-pregnancy, down 500g from last week.

Maternity clothes: not yet, but I'm having to be a bit more careful about what shirts i wear, nothing too fitted, or i have to make sure i pull in my transverse muscles and tilt my pelvis back…

Listeria scare

I woke at 5:30am on Wednesday morning with a very upset tummy... i actually felt nauseous but soon enough realised what it was. Didn't think much of it as i had had a very spicy Penang Fried Kway Teow for lunch the day before, and that can be a common reaction for me. But i continued feeling off all day, and had to make a visit to the bathroom at work. By about 3pm i was feeling very under the weather, and wondering if it were food poisoning or morning sickness making its last comeback. I made it to 5pm at work, picked up my toddler from daycare, and headed home. Hubby was at his brother's quite late that day, so i got the toddler's dinner ready and laid down on the couch while he ate. I was feeling that bad by now i could have dozed off.

Hubby arrived home before 7pm and remarked upon how pale i was. He thankfully took over baby duties while i mustered up the strength to toss some crumbed fish and chips in the oven, which was about all i could stomach. We both said to eac…