Toddler's room: displaying artwork

I've seen lots of idea for displaying children's artwork, and this is my favourite; a decorated board with bulldog clips to hold the newest pieces of art or photos.

It was very easy to do and not overly expensive. I had to buy the paints and brushes, but if you already have some it would be much cheaper. The board is pine from Bunnings at $8.39, and was twice as long as i needed so i got it cut in half by them for free. The other half can be a board for his sibling when we have one. The 'ART' lettering was from eBay for $4.20. I also got the paints and brushes from eBay for $23.95. The paints were Mont Marte brand in Lamp Black, Turquoise, Pearl White and Silver Hologram, which was basically a clear paint with glitter. You can see the glitter in the photo below.

DIY children's artwork display

I painted the board over three nights, the black background first, then painted on the circles. I outlined them with chalk first. The wording was done freehand, with pencilled letters on a sheet of paper next to me to copy. I painted the ART letters separately, then glued them on. Hubby sprayed the board with clear varnish.
DIY children's artwork display

DIY children's artwork display

We didn't get around to putting it up though until last week - i had painted it in May last year! Oops. The bulldog clips were $6.78 from Officeworks, hubby attached them to the bottom of the board with some screws he had, and finally it was finished and we could hang it on Ethan's wall.

Total cost of project: $39.13.

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