The journey has started

Got this this morning :D

Still in disbelief as i really don't have any symptoms to speak of, except perhaps some movement in the lower left of my belly, as though it's my uterus starting to stretch. Or it could be gas. Lol. Last month i had the mild nausea and heavy feeling in my uterus, but that didn't stick.

Will get bloods done tomorrow to confirm pregnancy and hopefully to confirm if i'm 4 1/2 weeks pregnant or 8 1/2. I think it's 4 1/2, and the strength of that line colour seems to confirm it's still early, but the results from my ovulation microscope this cycle have been odd enough to make me wonder.

I've already lined up a hypnobirthing doula and my home birth midwife from last time (she's changed practices and is now able to take on VBACs). I'll probably wait till my test results are back before i contact them.

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