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The journey has started

Got this this morning :D

Still in disbelief as i really don't have any symptoms to speak of, except perhaps some movement in the lower left of my belly, as though it's my uterus starting to stretch. Or it could be gas. Lol. Last month i had the mild nausea and heavy feeling in my uterus, but that didn't stick.

Will get bloods done tomorrow to confirm pregnancy and hopefully to confirm if i'm 4 1/2 weeks pregnant or 8 1/2. I think it's 4 1/2, and the strength of that line colour seems to confirm it's still early, but the results from my ovulation microscope this cycle have been odd enough to make me wonder.

I've already lined up a hypnobirthing doula and my home birth midwife from last time (she's changed practices and is now able to take on VBACs). I'll probably wait till my test results are back before i contact them.

I will POAS tomorrow - and i'm scared

I'm a little nervous. I'm currently at day 30 of a usually 27-28 day cycle, which would normally make me fairly certain, in a cycle in which we'd been trying, that i was likely to be pregnant.

However... i still am not sure if i ovulated this cycle. The only indication that seemed to be around the right time was the presence of EWCM on days 15 and 16. But if i didn't ovulate - why? Just a  random anovulatory cycle? Could i have been pregnant from last cycle and rather than having a miscarriage, i had a partial or threatened miscarriage - something like the loss of a twin? Which would mean, i was still pregnant, and therefore didn't ovulate?

Or, could it just be that for some reason my usually reliable results on the ovulation microscope were skewed, and i have actually ovulated?

That brings me to another problem. My remaining pregnancy test (and indeed the one i used to check last cycle) is from a batch i bought before my first pregnancy. They're now two years …

Second birthday

We were in two minds about whether or not to host a party for our toddler's second birthday after all the stress of the first one. In the end we decided about a week and a half before that we'd do a small barbeque to celebrate his birthday and show a few friends and family our new house, which we've been in for three months.

We strung up balloons and streamers around the bbq area. There would have been more streamers but the wind took the roll out of my hand as i went to tie it to the pole and it fell straight into the pool, and that was the end of that.

My parents drove up from the countryside where they live, a couple who are hubby's friends came, our neighbours arrived when their baby daughter had woken from her nap, and hubby's (half)brother and shock of shocks, his biological mother. She has never visited us in the entire time we've been together!

Learning from last time, i didn't go overboard in preparing food, but we still had more than enough. On t…

Starbucks Pumpkin Bread

I came across this on Pinterest when looking for a tasty breakfast recipe, and it did not disappoint. We don't have a Starbucks in Perth, and i hadn't come across pumpkin bread at any of the cafes we'd visited while travelling, so i've no idea how close it is to the original. Does it matter though? It's yummy!

The recipe is from CopyKat, and she has a video on her site showing how she made the bread - worth going to see.

*A few notes: we don't get canned pumpkin puree here, so i just diced some butternut pumpkin and boiled it until it was tender. I used a cup for the recipe and froze the rest, which i used later for a soup.
If you buy your pumpkin seeds (pepitas) unsalted like i do, pop them in a bowl, drizzle them with a little water to make them damp (not wet!) and add about 1/4-1/2 tsp salt, mixing it all together. The small amount of water makes the salt stick to the seeds and they roast while in the oven on top of the bread.

Pumpkin bread
Make 8 slices

1 1…

Twenty-four months postpartum

As per usual, TMI warning and photos of bare mummy tummy :) If you don't want to see, look away now!

Holy cow. How has two years gone by so fast? So much has changed since the last postpartum post at 15 months. Our toddler had only just started walking then... now he's running, climbing, starting to ride a bike... just full of energy. He's so much more confident on his feet, but that also results in more accidents as he runs and trips. He currently has three bumps on his forehead, one was a bump over the top of a week old nearly healed bump, and has formed a huge egg. He just shakes it off though, a hug and if we are home some ice on the bruise, and he's off running again.

He's also starting talking, slowly over the last few months. It started off with him displaying interest in an item, i'd then name it, and after i'd done that for a few weeks he'd try to start saying it. I made a big fuss over him when he attempted it, and gradually he starting trying…

Toddler's room: displaying artwork

I've seen lots of idea for displaying children's artwork, and this is my favourite; a decorated board with bulldog clips to hold the newest pieces of art or photos.

It was very easy to do and not overly expensive. I had to buy the paints and brushes, but if you already have some it would be much cheaper. The board is pine from Bunnings at $8.39, and was twice as long as i needed so i got it cut in half by them for free. The other half can be a board for his sibling when we have one. The 'ART' lettering was from eBay for $4.20. I also got the paints and brushes from eBay for $23.95. The paints were Mont Marte brand in Lamp Black, Turquoise, Pearl White and Silver Hologram, which was basically a clear paint with glitter. You can see the glitter in the photo below.

I painted the board over three nights, the black background first, then painted on the circles. I outlined them with chalk first. The wording was done freehand, with pencilled letters on a sheet of paper next t…