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Our struggle with nappy rash

Early on this year, our baby returned home from daycare with a nasty red rash beginning all over his bottom cheeks. We weren't sure what could be causing it, and could see daycare had put their cream on to try to help (it's a zinc based cream so leaves white traces on the skin folds). The rash got worse and worse until the red spots turned into open sores. From Googling and our carer's suggestion, we sent in our own cream and wipes, and soon the rash was better. When our wipes ran out, we started back on daycare's wipes but continued supplying our cream, asking daycare not to use theirs on him at all. All seemed fine.

Then at the end of June, he came home with red spots and traces of white on his skin. Odd, i thought, since they knew not to use it - must have forgotten that time. The next day was fine, then the day after - i was so mad. His nappy area was completely covered in the daycare nappy cream and when i popped him straight in a bath and gently washed it off, th…

Building our home: Finals!

While we were away on holiday, the lower floor was rendered, windows and entry doors put in and the house went into lockdown. We were really excited to hear this as it meant there wasn't much left to do before they finished! We needed tiling, electrical and plumbing, sanitary fixtures in (e.g. sinks), cupboards and fixed kitchen appliances in, balustrading, all doors in, drainage, flyscreens and then the garage door, and it would be complete and ready for our final inspection and rectification of any faults and we can then collect the keys!

This is what the house looked like when we returned. The scaffolding from the top floor had been taken down and a smaller scaffold put up for the tilers on the balcony.

Within three weeks, the tiling and balustrades were complete and so the scaffolding was taken down for good, which meant the render could finally be completed. The render looks great - i love how the garage emphasises the blade wall colour.

Now, the gas plumber and electrician h…

Tupler technique for diastasis recti

I'm now 19 months postpartum and still have this darn diastasis recti. Right from the beginning we had decided we wanted kids about 2 - 2 1/2 years apart, and i decided on 2 1/2 as it was a nice gap, not too close but not too far away that the kids wouldn't want to play together. So that means that we'd be looking at TTC again when our toddler was around 22 months, give or take. So, in my head, i set 21 months pp as the absolute deadline for having my tummy back in order to hopefully keep the next babe head down, or at least in a less worrying position than oblique footling breech.

That 21 month pp deadline is rapidly approaching.
I gave it a good effort on our recent holiday, trying to go through all the exercises in the book (elevators, contractions, pelvic tilts) but they were taking me ages. I couldn't actually fit them all in in one day, except the very first day i tried, whilst trying also to catch trains and planes, or walk around a city exploring, or while wra…