Building our home: suspended slab pour

The formwork went up on our block shortly after the bricks were laid for the ground floor, and our suspended slab pour was scheduled for last Thursday. On Wednesday morning before work hubby drove past the block to check the electrician and plumber had placed everything in the correct spot. Lucky he did, as he saw the electrician had put in the original light canisters, which were a proprietary brand and would have limited us to one brand of downlight.

We had asked the building company to change these to a canister which has a space to place most brands of transformer, allowing us to pick any downlight. However, i'd forgotten to scan and email the variation form after we'd taken it home to sign. And in her part, our contact person at the builders had forgotten to chase it up. Happily once hubby made a few calls and told the receptionist (who was refusing to get our contact to return his call) if he didn't hear back he was going to turn up at their office, which was enough to get his call returned within a few minutes, she promised it would be sorted out the next morning directly before the slab pour.

We of course checked the next morning to make sure! Correct canisters were in and the slab was already started. By that afternoon it had cured enough for the workers to be walking on.

The reinforcement for the slab was quite interesting. You can see some of it here on the stairs - instead of mesh, steel rods were laid over each other and tied together, and this was the same all over the slab. Some areas were reinforced more than others - i think where the walls are going. There was also allowance for the air conditioning vents. I only briefly saw the plumbing work and the light canisters and conduit (had a peep from the builders' ladder very quickly after work one day) but it gave me the impression there was quite a lot going on in the slab.

This is the view from the balcony at the front, across our bedroom and to our bathroom, the activity room, the toilet and one bedroom.

Tonight when i took my photo, they'd loaded scaffolding on the slab. In the next two weeks bricks and door and window frames should also arrive and be loaded onto the slab. They can start being laid two weeks after the slab pour, so next Thursday, but it all depends on what they have scheduled.

42 weeks til handover!

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