Building our home: ground floor has been started!

Looks like we had our slab bbq just in time - the doors and windows were delivered Friday, the bricks Tuesday, and Wednesday morning the brickies were on site! By the time i got there to photograph that afternoon, the outside walls were up halfway. Astonishing how fast they built it. They had a team of five onsite.

View from the back of the house. I can say 'house' now!

Today was raining so no brickwork, but we had the scaffolding for the top floor delivered, and a pallet of Brickies Grey. Tomorrow i'm hoping the brickies will be back as i think they could probably finish off the outside walls of the ground floor.

We now need to get to the lighting shop to buy the lights for the ground floor and deliver them to the builders. They need to be supplied before the concrete for the second floor is poured as they're placed into a canister directly in the concrete, and that means we also have to get a type that will fit the transformer without it sitting on the light. We can't add any extra lights for the ground floor once it's poured, so i hope we've got enough lights on our plan. We're running out of time though, this weekend i need to get into my rental unit and do some maintenance tasks left from the previous tenants who were very careless, and also do some repainting. Sunday is hubby's birthday, and the next weekend might be too late. Hubby is going to ring the builders to confirm what type of transformer will fit in the canister and that will help us know what to ask for when we get prices.

I've sadly had to break the time lapse photography project of the block. I took a photo every day from across the road, on the verge, from when the tenants moved out of the old house, through it's demolition, and to the slab down stage of our new house. Several times the neighbour who lives in the house across the road parked his car on the road in front of where i take photos, so i ended up with the back half of a car in my photos. But then Monday he'd parked directly in front of my spot - so if i'd taken a photo, i'd have got a shot of a door. As well as that, the builders' shed had arrived for storing the cement out of the rain, and that was in the middle of the front of the block, so most of the view of the work would have been obscured even if it weren't for the car. So i've moved to the other side of the block, on the footpath.

I don't get the whole block in shot, but i get all of the house which is the important part. I'll continue the time lapse project, it'll just have a sudden shift in view early on in the video.

47 weeks til handover!

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