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And he's off!

Walking, that is. Hubby stood bubby up after his bath last Sunday night and let go of him. He not only stood for a few seconds, but he also toddled three steps towards me and fell into my arms! This was the first time he'd stood longer than a second, as well as his first steps by himself. He's 14 and a half months old.
I told daycare about his progress on Monday when i dropped him off, and that afternoon when i picked him up they told me he'd been practicing his standing all day :) He's continued to practice all week and now he is happily letting go of things that he'd been cruising on, walking a few steps, then a controlled descent to the floor (usually in a squat or forward to his hands and knees). He looks like a little drunken sailor! I can see he'll be walking steadily within a few weeks.
I need to try to capture his walking progress on video before he gets too good at it... i can imagine played at double speed it would be quite fun to watch in his baby vi…

Bringing back to new - grey stains on cloth nappies

I noticed, months back, that most of the nappies in one particular wash came out with peculiar grey stains that hadn't been there prior to the wash, and didn't come out with sunlight like the regular stains did. This was back when he was a solely breastfed bub and so i did used to put our clothes in with his nappies (after doing a rinse with just the nappies, of course). I assumed one of the items of clothes had run, but after some months it happened again, and again. Now most of the mcns have the stains.

They do gradually fade, but not to nothing. I decided to google to see if this had happened to anyone else who had blogged about it.

Looked like lots of mums had the same problem! The problem was traced back to Panadol - apparently after a dose the baby's wee contains something that stains the nappies a browny-grey. The unanimous solution was to rub the stain with Sunlight soap, so off i trotted to the supermarket and tried to buy some. Our local two didn't have any h…

Building our home: ground floor complete

The ground floor is finished! Clean up is next on the list, then the formwork will start for the suspended slab and the steel reinforcement will be laid and checked.

Excuse the poor lighting, i was late leaving work so it was past sundown at this point, you can see the streetlights are on from the pool of yellow light to the left. The sky was quite a dark grey, but i took the photo with a long exposure to get as much light in as i could. Luckily the rain had stopped briefly so i didn't get the camera wet.

It took eight days in total from start to finish to get the ground floor completed (including weekends as they did work on Saturday). Quite amazing really. This was with a few days break too as we had some storms and they didn't work those days.

It really started to look like a house when they got the internal brickwork up (which happened over 3 days). The rooms look quite small, which according to hubby is quite normal until the plasterers come in and bring the red brick to …

Building our home: ground floor has been started!

Looks like we had our slab bbq just in time - the doors and windows were delivered Friday, the bricks Tuesday, and Wednesday morning the brickies were on site! By the time i got there to photograph that afternoon, the outside walls were up halfway. Astonishing how fast they built it. They had a team of five onsite.

View from the back of the house. I can say 'house' now!

Today was raining so no brickwork, but we had the scaffolding for the top floor delivered, and a pallet of Brickies Grey. Tomorrow i'm hoping the brickies will be back as i think they could probably finish off the outside walls of the ground floor.

We now need to get to the lighting shop to buy the lights for the ground floor and deliver them to the builders. They need to be supplied before the concrete for the second floor is poured as they're placed into a canister directly in the concrete, and that means we also have to get a type that will fit the transformer without it sitting on the light. We can&…