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Aunt Irma has returned!

For those who don't watch The IT Crowd and have no idea who Aunt Irma is, my period has made a return, 13 months after the birth of my baby. I was pleased to see it! I had been wondering when i'd get it back again and even read a series of posts on my favourite forum which had asked the question, 'When did your period arrive after pregnancy?' (There was a good range of answers, many up to 15 months after and longer). Good to know i'm not one of those who are at risk of falling pregnant six weeks postpartum (yes, I do have a friend who had two babies under one!) and equally good to know i'm not going to have amenorrhoea as an obstacle when we TTC again.

In more good news, it doesn't seem to have changed the taste of my breastmilk either now or in the week prior, which i've heard can be quite common – or if it has bub is not complaining.

It was also the opportunity i'd been waiting for to try out the Fleurcup. It's a menstrual cup similar to the Mooncup – there's lots of manufacturers, but this one ships to Australia and is well priced, had good reviews on an independent website, and comes in two sizes and a choice of different colours (mine's black). (If you have to use something one week every month, it may as well be a colour you like!) I'd bought it online from France and it arrived the cycle that I fell pregnant, so I hadn't been able to use it until now – nearly two years later! Can't quite believe it's been that long.

I got the smaller size which is recommended for under 25s and all women who haven't had a vaginal delivery. It may seem strange that I went for that when I was well over 25 and planning a baby, however i've got super strong pelvic floor muscles (in contrast to my abdominals) and have very light periods, so figured I'd get a good fit with the slightly smaller cup. So far i've been correct. It's fairly easy to insert, took me two goes on my first attempt and has been very comfortable all day. I've been doing light housework, taken bub for a walk and driven to the shops, and no discomfort or leakage. And the best thing is you don't have to change it as often as a tampon! With my light periods, I expect to be able to wear it all day and empty and clean it at the end of the day. I can also choose to wear it at night – there's no risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) like with tampons. Then at the end of your period, you sterilise it and put it away ready for next month. No more rushing out to buy tampons!

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