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Building our home: Slab is down

Monday week before last our slab was laid! Very exciting stuff, as this marks the beginning of the 50 week countdown until the house is handed over to us. The Job Start Co-ordinator emailed us some photos during the day with the grano workers halfway through the pour, and by the time i got there that afternoon it was dry. They'd left the site really neat.

The same day, the concrete soakwells were delivered. They're huge - definite overkill for generally sunny dry Perth, but they have to meet the specifications for the hundred year floods. These were due to be put in on Friday, but nothing was done until Saturday.

I went past in the morning, and our slab was free of dirt and everything was standing upright. In the afternoon when i got there, it was clear the plumber had been and what a mess he'd left. He'd driven a digger right over the slab, bending the steel rods that were to go up the centre of our brickwork columns at the front. He'd cut or broken off the electr…

Fallen to the communists...

Aunt Irma has returned!
For those who don't watch The IT Crowd and have no idea who Aunt Irma is, my period has made a return, 13 months after the birth of my baby. I was pleased to see it! I had been wondering when i'd get it back again and even read a series of posts on my favourite forum which had asked the question, 'When did your period arrive after pregnancy?' (There was a good range of answers, many up to 15 months after and longer). Good to know i'm not one of those who are at risk of falling pregnant six weeks postpartum (yes, I do have a friend who had two babies under one!) and equally good to know i'm not going to have amenorrhoea as an obstacle when we TTC again.
In more good news, it doesn't seem to have changed the taste of my breastmilk either now or in the week prior, which i've heard can be quite common – or if it has bub is not complaining.
It was also the opportunity i'd been waiting for to try out the Fleurcup. It's a men…

New baby appointments

These are the appointments i wrote down in the first year. He had a few more than most babies will, as there are several hip scans which are only done if baby has presented breech for more than a few weeks, or if 'clicky hips' are noted during a CHN appointment.

Ethan's first birthday party - 17 MarBaking birthday cake and party food - 15-16 MarFirst haircut - 3 MarCake smash photo session - 2 MarBake cake for smash photo session - 1 Mar11 month photos, finish invitations and print - 9 FebVisit CHN to say goodbye before we move - 26 Sept6 month vaccinations - 18 SeptemberPMH Orthopaedics for final hip check - 29 August4 month vaccinations - 17 JulyChild health nurse clinic appt - 13 JunPMH diagnostic imaging and orthopaedics - 21 May2 month vaccinations - 15 MayChild health nurse home appt - 26 AprDoctors appt 6 weeks postpartum - 24 AprilChild health nurse home appt - 28 MarPMH orthopaedics dept - 26 MarDoctors appt to view haematomas - 24 Mar

Building our home: Footings are in

Demo was completed towards the end of February and we let our builders know straight away so they could get the building permit request in to council, who can take no longer than 10 working days to approve it. But, two weeks later we still hadn't heard so emailed our builders. They made some excuses to make it sound like council's fault, so hubby rang the council directly and found out the truth - the builders hadn't submitted it until we'd signed every nearly every form they sent us. They sent us various forms and variations to sign, one every four or five days for three weeks, and it wasn't till about two weeks after we let them know of the demo completion that they lodged the permit request with council - and then took another week to respond to council's request for more information. So the council took their 10 days exactly, but it took four weeks in total for the permit to come through. The forms we had to sign shouldn't have held up a building permit…