Twelve months postpartum

As per usual, TMI warning and photos of bare mummy tummy :) If you don't want to see, look away now!

A year old. Such a milestone, and such a big change for bub from my last postpartum post. He's now cruising around the furniture, getting into everything that's within his reach (although he can open the cupboards, he hasn't yet started pulling items out) but our laptops are finding they need to be heavy duty! He can stand for a few seconds but then plops back down. He's able to climb up the slide :o (not the ladder, but the actual slide part).

We started him on spoon fed purees at nine months, after the CHN at our eight month checkup freaked me out about his refusal of food and lack of weight gain. Hubby fed him - the first night he cried and fussed, but each time his mouth was open to cry hubby popped a spoonful in. He'd stop crying, taste the food, swallow, and then go back to refusing the next spoonful and crying. The second night he cried a little, then started opening his mouth for the food! We were so pleased to see his little open mouth! He made a small fuss the next night, and since then he's been pretty good with it all. We've moved into chunky mash consistency now, and he downs about six heaped tablespoons of dinner, and four of 'dessert' (smooth fruit purees). He's still breastfed, four feeds a day now, but i've noticed my supply is really dropping since he turned eleven months old, i have trouble expressing much for his bottles during the day.

He now wakes mostly only once a night. It's sooo much better than the six wakeups i'd adjusted to! Hubby and i both feel like we've actually had some sleep by morning. Bub himself seems a lot less tired in the mornings too.

I started January off really well, did the elevators exercise from the Lose Your Mummy Tummy book every night, however when i checked my diastasis around the end of January i was horrified to find the gap had increased, from two finger widths to three. I stopped the exercises, reread the chapter and realised that i was supposed to be counting out loud (if not, you tend to hold your breath which increases pressure against the diastasis) and that it was quite important to have a splint, which i didn't have. So i left it for a few weeks, checked again and my muscles had moved back to two fingers apart. Instead of the splint, i've been using my hands to pull my sides and stomach in, like a splint would do. Because i'm short, there's not really enough room between my lower ribs and hips for anything other than a belt-width splint to go, which i don't think is going to provide enough support, so my hands are the best option (thumb between hips and ribs, fingers link across my navel). But i need to get back into a habit of doing the exercises every day.

As i'm feeling back to normal now i've noticed i am doing more things that increase abdominal pressure, eg sitting straight up from a lying position, so i need to work on not doing that until i have closed the gap. I'm thinking now that's what's making the diastasis worse, not the exercises. I'm currently at a 3 finger gap when checking first thing in the morning.

View from right hand side, 9 months on the left and 12 months on the right. Stomach looks far more pointy, which would correlate with the increased diastasis measurement. Where the haematoma was appears flatter.

Btw my boobs haven't suddenly shrunk, they've done it slowly over time - it's the padded bra in the 9 month picture that makes them look bigger! I've dropped three sizes now since he was born - just one size above my original cup size now.

And looks about the same from the front. I can't remember if i've posted recently about the linea nigra - it's still there but so faint that it can only be seen in certain light, and certainly not on a photo.

 My main problem with my current stomach is my navel. While it's an outie, i'm not comfortable having it on show in a bikini. I've been to the beach only once this summer and i wore a long top. I'd really like to be able to work my transverse muscle enough that my navel returns to an innie. You can't really see it that well from the photos, so i've zoomed in on it below.

See what i mean about not really wanting to go out with it on show? It's not that bad, but it's definitely not pretty.

And below is my scar, 9 months on top and 12 months below. As it's really hardly visible now on my pale skin, i've edited the photo on the bottom, dropping the brightness and increasing the contrast. You can make out the scar easily then, but it really is that thin and pale - i'm very pleased with it. Still trying to massage out the adhesion in the middle.

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