Last day as a zero year old

I've heard people say it so many times it's become a cliche, but it's true - life goes so fast. Normally i wouldn't really notice the speed of the passing of a year, but now i have a little one to watch change with the seasons it has really brought it home. Today was his last day as an eleven month old; and really, as a baby. Tomorrow he's a year old, heading into toddler territory.

So, for something that remains still without changing, i've pasted below a screenshot of my blog's tickers. Tomorrow the top ticker will say, Our baby is 1 year old. I still remember when i first set up the ticker, at six or so weeks pregnant. Really doesn't seem that long ago.

We've had an absolute ball. This first year with Ethan has been full of such fun, hard work, and so rewarding, watching him develop and grow and be so happy. Now i'd better get to bed, so next time i wake for his feed it's actually his birthday, rather than sitting here alone at the computer watching the minutes change on the clock.

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