Happy birthday - one year old!

Ethan woke us up early this morning (he must have known!) so we had plenty of time for him to enjoy his presents before we had to leave for work and daycare. Sadly we didn't have much time this evening, as a truck rolled over blocking the road we decided to take home tonight, so it took us an hour and a half to get home and then it was time for his dinner, which he ate while chatting to his grandparents on Skype, then bath and his bedtime routine. However, we knew we'd be pressed for time on a weekday so i'm glad we got to enjoy some extra time with him this morning.

I'm also very happy to say we made my goal of breastfeeding for one year. We made it through the pain caused by a shallow latch, persisted through recurrent blocked ducts, and expressed at work for four and a half months. It was absolutely worth it. I've been struggling the last month expressing enough at work - i used to easily express 160mL three times a day, and now i'm getting 80mL or less twice a day. I've noticed it started happening after he really took to eating solids, starting waking only once at night, and dropped his first bottle at daycare. My freezer stash has been helping me out, but i'm down to one bottle now and i think it's time to introduce cow's milk at daycare. I'll need to research it further before i start, but i may have to start earlier than planned judging by today's amount. Breastfeeding at home is still going well, although he's getting less interested in his bedtime feed, which is strange - i thought that would be the last one he'd drop.

He's fast asleep in bed now, wrapped up warmly in his summer weight gro-bag (it's a bit on the cool side tonight). I'm watching him on the monitor, as i do every night, constantly amazed at how much he's growing and changing constantly. We've had the best year, getting to know him, and i'm looking forward greatly to the next one :)

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