First birthday party prep: Day 2

I had to look after bub by myself on day 2, as hubby was at work from early morning until around 11pm. Luckily he was so good, i put him in his playpen for most of the day and although he grumbled a bit, he spent most of it reading his books and playing. I gave him lots of breaks of course, we went for  a couple of walks and to the park, and played out the front for a while.

Because he was so good, i got almost all the party prep completed. I had forgotten about the balloons though so found myself blowing up (by hand!) 20 balloons at midnight that night with the rest to finish the next morning.

First up, we went to the shops to get the ingredients for the salad i'd forgotten the day before. Then i started on the cooking again. I finished the jelly, finished the potato salad (apart from the mayo which was to be done freshly the next morning), made three dips (and made the white bean twice as i was tired and misread the ingredients), cooked and assembled the rice salad and made the dressing, assembled the green salad, put together the vegetable and fruit kebabs, and made the chocolate crackles. I did about four loads of washing up and felt like i was on my feet all day.

When i got to sit down, i folded my food labels and then remembered the balloons, so started them. By this time it was very late and hubby arrived home, helped me with a few and announced it was time for bed. So i hung out the nappies and followed him. All that had to be done the morning of the party was make the green salad dressing, get a baguette and bread for the fairy bread, finish the balloons, pack the cars with balloons and a ladder to help hang them, and the food, and then get ready.

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