First birthday party prep: Day 1

I took today off work to bake, and i am so glad i did. The shopping alone took me two hours and it wasn't even that much! Although, it did look like it filled my entire car boot, but really most of the room was taken up with the pram behind all the shopping.

I got everything except the breads, which i'll get fresh on Sunday morning. I love Sunday trading. I still need to find some serving platters, Coles and Woolies didn't have any large ones in white, but i spotted some at the $2 shop.

What i've done today is bake, ice and decorate the cake (and curse the oven for not having an accurate temperature dial - i had forgotten and after half an hour the cake was still liquid), boiled and dressed potatoes and boiled eggs for the potato salad, have done two of the three layers of the jellies, and got hold of some gorgeous blue and white paper straws from a seller on Gumtree. That actually took us an hour and a half as i had to find somewhere to get cash out, and then buy something so i had a smaller note.

Tomorrow i need to reprint the labels (i cut the first lot wrongly), finish the jelly, finish the potato salad, make the three dips, make chocolate crackles, make the rice for the rice salad and prep the rest of the ingredients, prep what i can for the kebabs (and then put them together last thing tomorrow evening - i won't have time the next morning), prep the green salad (and i've just realised i didn't write anything for it down on my ingredient list so will have to do that tomorrow), and get together everything we'll need for the park (eg bbq tongs, oil, paper towel to clean, matches, cake knife and server, gazebo, picnic blanket). We don't have a portable table so i really hope we can grab a table at the park.

Bed now before it turns into tomorrow... my feet will be thanking me.

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