DIY cake smash! part 1 - the cake

I've been flat out the last few weeks with work (traffic is shocking at the moment, there's roadworks on all the main Perth roads so getting anywhere quickly at peak hour is impossible, and it's taking me an hour each way to do 15km), after work is spent playing, feeding, and doing the bedtime routine with Ethan, and then i have 2 hours to do everything else (cooking dinner, housework, video/photo editing, party planning etc). I need to organise myself better so i can get more done, however today i've been off work injured (learn from me and don't try to walk downstairs to feed the dog in the dark) and have finally been able to finish off the cake smash photoshoot storyboard!

As usual i won't post pictures of Ethan unless they're very small, for privacy, but i will post a picture of my storyboard template and the cake, and my studio setup. I've broken it into two posts to keep them a manageable size - part 1 is all about the cake.

I baked the cake on Friday night after we'd finished dinner. I used this butter cake recipe again. It took about an hour to make, not that it's a difficult recipe but more the time in getting the colours right. I have three Wilton colours, red, yellow and blue, and i made six rainbow colours with those. They're all pretty easy to do except purple, which often looks grey until you get the ratio correct.

Once the cake was in the oven, i stayed up until it was done then left it to cool in the tin in the oven. Thankfully it was still easy to pop it out of the tin the next morning.

I made a chocolate shell for the bottom part of the cupcake. I didn't think i could get a very good finish by using icing, as it covers all the pretty ridges from the cake pan. What i did was melted half a block (100g) of milk chocolate and swirled it round the base of the tin, using a spoon to push it up the sides. Once i got a good coverage, i carefully lowered the bottom half of the cake in, patted it down firmly so as to remove any gaps between the cake and the chocolate, and popped in into the fridge for the chocolate to harden.

Once the chocolate was set, i rubbed a hot cloth over the outside of the cake pan and turned it upside down for the cake to slide out, but it didn't budge. So i held it under hot water - a little too long it turned out as it melted some of the chocolate. But i was still happy with the result.

Then it was time to fix the top to the base with a thin layer of icing, and coloured the rest of the icing a pale blue and put a thin layer over the top. I used Martha Stewart's buttercream recipe. The top was decorated with flowers using a Wilton 2D piping tip, using the pale blue icing to do half and then tinting it a bit darker for the rest. I sprinkled iridescent glitter over it and different sized silver cachous, just because i could! I hoped the shiny things would entice him to investigate the cake, as he's rather reluctant to try new foods unless they're on a spoon.

I took a shot in the kitchen with the flash off to show the glitter.

And this is the cut cake after the photoshoot.

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