Building our home: demolition complete!

This happened with a speed that shocked us. After less than a week of seeing movement and the asbestos cladding come off the front, then sides, day by day, i expected to next see the tiles off, the rest of the cladding off and finally just the frame of the house before it was pulled down. I was wrong.

It went from a house missing some outer cladding to an empty block in one day.

We were stunned at how fast it had disappeared. That a house that had been home to many over it's hundred years could be taken down in a single day.

They raked the site the next day and that completed the demolition.

Now our building company has completed their siteworks quote, we're just waiting for the building permit to come through, and then we wait on them scheduling the start. Once the pad is down, they have just shy of a year to have the house completed.

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