Birthday bbq party menu

We've had a dozen adults with four babies rsvp, so I've now been able to decide on the menu for the party.

There'll be nibbles of several dips with crudites and potato crisps. We'll be barbecuing two dozen sausages and two dozen vegetable kebab sticks, with three different salads, mini quiches, and a sliced french bread stick for sides. On the sweet side of things are fruit kebab sticks, fairy bread, chocolate crackles, frogs in ponds (chocolate frogs in jelly), and then we'll celebrate with the birthday cake.

I've taken the day off work on Friday to do the baking and as much preparation as can be done ahead of time. That is the dips, cake, potato salad, frogs in ponds, chocolate crackles can be made, i can prepare the rice salad by making the rice. I've asked my mum to bring mini quiches as she offered to make something, so that takes a fiddly task away :) The rice salad, green salad, baguette, kebab sticks and fairy bread will need to be prepared/assembled on the day.

Drinks-wise, i'll get a few bottles of soft drink and water. Sadly, Australia is overlegislated and has a ban on public drinking, which also includes wine at a picnic or beer at a bbq. It's supposed to prevent rowdy behaviour, but unfortunately those who would purport such behaviour are those who ignore the laws anyway, and law-abiding citizens again get punished. So we'll have to save the champagne for our return home.

I'm hoping that will be enough food. As i make each dish, i'll photograph and then post the recipe. If you end up using any of the recipes for your own bbq, i'd love to hear about it :)

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