First birthday party ideas

Ethan's first birthday party is coming up in a month and a half, and planning is well underway. We decided to invite mostly family (we don't have many close friends) so it won't be a big stressful party. To keep stress down even further, we're going to hold it at a nearby park, so there's no frantic tidying of the house and gardens, and we can leave at the end of the party (without the problem of a particular guest overstaying).

This does mean our decorations need to be quick to put up and easy to transport. Since we're holding the party on a Sunday, it also limits our options for certain items like helium balloons (we'd have to hire a tank and find some way of returning it on Monday when we're back at work). So i don't think we'll do helium.

I stopped at a party shop on the way home from work today and had a look at the balloons. I really liked the pearl sheen ones, and the lady at the shop was nice enough to blow up a few of the colours i wanted to look at. I've bought home three of them, midnight blue, azure and silver, so hubby can have a look, and if he's happy we'll go with these colours. My idea so far is to tie them either in bunches at the corners of the gazebo (ours, a portable one for shade) and to hang some from the closest tree(s) at the park. Looking on Pinterest for ideas.


I wrote the first half of this post early in the week. It's now Thursday night and i've had a chance to show hubby the balloons (he liked the colours) and to find some ideas for decorations. I've found some fantastic shots of balloons or chinese lanterns hanging from trees, but just realised i'm probably not going to be able to find a low enough branch to hang the balloons from (and we're not going to drag the ladder along to the park) so i may have to skip that idea, unless i can think of a way around it. I did find a good picture of decorations along a balcony with balloons and streamers, which can be easily modified for a gazebo.

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