Favourite baby food recipes - creamy mango puree

I'm going to start noting down our favourite recipes for bub, so that i don't have to go searching for the recipe, and also so i can note down any changes i make to it.

This first recipe is Creamy Mango Puree from the Woolworths Baby and Toddler site. The first time i made it i followed the recipe exactly, and he loved it. In fact he cried when i made the 'all gone' sign and i had to go get some more for him. The third time i made it i added some pears to prevent his stools being too firm, as he loves bananas and bread and he was eating them daily (they can cause constipation).

The original recipe you can see in the link, and my modifications are below. I used fresh mango the first two times, which is fantastic, but it's close to the end of season now and they're getting expensive ($4 a mango) so i used tinned in this one.

2 fresh mangoes or 1 400g tin
2 pears
1 banana
2 tbsp natural yogurt
1 tbsp coconut oil

Blend until smooth.

I use a food processor with the knife blade, but could probably use the blender as i blend until it's pureed. I then spoon into silicon cupcake liners to freeze, then pop out into a container.

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