Building our home: Demolition has begun!

On Friday last week when i dropped by the house after work to take a photo, there was a wire fence up out the front and the front door was wide open! The demo company's logo was on it so i knew the permit must have come through, and sure enough in the mail on Monday was our copy of the permit. I was so excited Monday afternoon to see what they'd done... but they hadn't touched it Monday (at least not on the outside).

Nothing changed until Wednesday, when the outer cladding came off the front of the building (weatherboard/fibre/asbestos house) and the weatherboard trimmings had been removed from the side. The next day the front looked mostly the same, except they'd removed some of the lower roof tiles, but all the outer cladding had been removed from the right hand side of the house. Friday nothing appeared to change, hubby said they'd stripped the interior.

We're expecting to see a bulldozer next week and then, an empty block!

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