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Disana breast pad review: update

When i first did the review, i had worn the breast pads for two days and had no problems other than them sticking to my nipples. Unfortunately i've had two separate leakage incidents today - luckily they were both at home. Clearly i won't be able to wear these out without risking the 'wet circles' look. I'm a bit disappointed they're not more absorbent. I do however have quite a strong letdown so it's probably just overloading them. They do dry ok between letdowns.

They are easy to wash but go out of shape. I was very gentle and just squeezed soapy water through them then rinsed them under the tap, but even that made them turn from circles into long thin ovals. To get them back into shape i had to stretch the thin sides by pulling them, which shrunk the long sides back into shape before drying them on a towel. They take longer than overnight so be aware of this.

I think for going out i will need to buy some pads that have a waterproof backing, maybe PUL one…

Six week postpartum checkup

I found a trick to getting into the doctors surgery with my preferred doctor earlier than my appointment - as soon as the surgery opened in the morning, i rang and asked if she'd had any cancellations - and she had! I got a morning appointment so got bub ready and drove to the surgery (my second time driving since the c section - woo!). Was also my first time taking bub out by myself so had a great deal of fun trying to lift the pram back in when we were done, avoiding using my stomach muscles too much - oddly enough it was easier to lift out!

The doctor had been called up to the local hospital for an emergency, so we had to hang around for 2 hours and bub was really starting to get grizzly, poor fellow. I ducked out to the car after about half an hour to feed him and that let him go to sleep for most of the waiting. The doctor didn't really examine bub, i'm not sure what they would have looked at anyway, but she did chat to him and remarked about how alert he was. I got t…

Disana breast pad review

The Disana breast pads i'd ordered arrived in the mail on Tuesday so i tried them out Wednesday, Thursday and today. They first thing i noticed was that they're huge! 14cm across, which is much bigger than the disposable breast pads i was using. The edge of them pokes out of the inner edges of my bra, but that doesn't matter. I do notice they make me look a little lumpy - because they're so big and they are flat, when placed over the breast the edges have to concertina a little and it's visible through non-padded bras.

They haven't yet leaked per se... I looked down this morning while massaging the plugged milk duct to find my shirt had a wet patch and assumed that the pad had leaked. However when i pulled it out to have a look, it was wet only on one side and looked like the milk had run from the middle to halfway down, not to the edge. I figure that my massaging had caused the pad to pull away from the breast and allowed the milk to run down, through my bra a…

Blocked milk duct

Night before last when bub woke for his first middle of the night feed, i woke up with a sore breast. I found a lump on the outer side and suspected it could be a blocked milk duct. It was quite painful, so i fed from that side to try to clear it. It didn't work first go. By the morning it was less painful and i was able to massage it while feeding, it feels like a long lump thinner than a pencil. It's been getting less painful since but still hasn't gone away.

I had my 6 week postpartum checkup today and mentioned the lump to my doctor, who examined it and said it did feel like a blocked duct. She advised me to continue with massage and frequent feeding on that side, and also to use heat and pressure while feeding. She also suggested to change around the positions i feed bub in, to try to empty all the ducts on a regular basis. I am going to try feeding him lying down next, with his chin angled to point to the lump which i've read is helpful in clearing them. The doct…

Reusable breast pads

My nipples are taking a bit of a hammering while bub and i figure out how to get a good latch every time, and i don't think disposable breast pads are helping the issue, as the plastic back is not letting my skin breathe and my nipples are pinker than normal and very tender. I hope that changing to a reusable one will let my skin breathe, aid in healing, and solve the sensitivity problem.

I did some quick internet research and decided on the Disana silk and merino wool breast pads. They're 14cm wide and have two layers of raw silk sandwiched either side of a wool layer. The silk is soft against the nipple and has antimicrobial properties, and the merino is absorbent and keeps the skin from being too hot or cold.

I have ordered three pairs from and hope to receive them early next week. I'll review them then.

I've also booked a doctors appointment for our six week checkup, but as this country town has only one doctors' office i can't g…

Breastfeeding - not such a good latch, actually

Last night while feeding bub i noticed that he wasn't really opening his mouth very wide while i sleepily aimed a nipple into his mouth. I took him off and tried and tried again, until eventually i waited till he got frustrated with no food and cried, and then shoved my boob into his wide-open mouth. This time: no pain. Aha! So it's the latch we still need to work on. Can do that :)

We bought him a bouncer today. Hubby put it together and we're just waiting for him to wake up so we can try him out in it. He's become a lot more alert and interactive over the last few days and i think he'll enjoy being in it, both the movement and also seeing a lot more from the angled position than he can from the floor.

One month postpartum

I probably should have started taking photos as soon as i was standing after the c section, but was far too occupied to think of it. Suffice to say my belly looked about the size it did when i was six months pregnant.

Most of the fluid i lost during the first two weeks. I noticed this especially in my feet, which had started to get puffy only very late in my pregnancy, and at one point during my second week postpartum my left one had swelled so much i was worried about it. I continued wearing my teds stockings from the hospital and i think these helped in forcing the fluid up from my foot so my body could get rid of it.
Now i just need to strengthen my stomach muscles so the diastasis recti closes, wait for my skin to regain it's elasticity and shrink back, and for my belly to go back to it's normal size. My diastasis is on the way, the gap has gone from 4 fingers to 2 1/2 at the top and bottom and 3 around my belly button. I haven't been exercising it regularly, just when…

Breastfeeding - latching good, but pain problems

Think we've got the hang of latching now. It appears bub's mouth is wide open when he latches, and once we get going it's not uncomfortable. My nipple no longer always comes out looking squashed (just sometimes now!).

My problem currently is that it hurts when he first goes on, with sharp pains through the nipple area, and the pins and needles feeling during letdown shortly after is quite strong. I would attribute this to a bad latch, but as the nipple comes out looking normal (although longer than usual) i don't think we have a bad latch. Maybe it is my supply still yet to settle down? I do get quite firm tender boobs every now and again when he's down for a longer than usual sleep. Not sure how to solve this problem. At the moment i just grit my teeth and wait for it to stop hurting a minute or two into the feed.

Our other problem is bub is having trouble with wind. No matter how blokey and loud his burps are when i burp him, he still seems to have wind. Sometime…

The Witching Hour

Oh man. This started about a week ago. All of a sudden, around 3pm, our baby will turn from happily sleeping or gurgling in his cot, to crying. Nothing we can try will soothe him for longer than a few minutes, except a feed which lasts until i burp him. I've tried holding him, rocking him, putting him on my shoulder and patting his back, lying him on the floor and lying down next to him, giving him his dummy, giving him gripe water, changing him, putting him in his cot to hopefully sleep.... nothing. At the moment it's been going on nearly 5 hours and i've fed, changed, held and put him in his cot. He's still crying, but i can't think of anything else to do. Even going in every five minutes and patting his back doesn't work.

I've looked this up and it seems to start at 2 weeks and go on til 3-4 months. Months! That seems an awfully long time to have to deal with this every day.

Just gone in to check on him as he's gone quiet. Not asleep but just lying l…

Breastfeeding woes

While in hospital, i had some problems with breastfeeding. Bub at first was having some problems attaching. I had a lot of help from the midwives, to the point where i had one with her hand on the back of mine, which was behind bub's shoulders and her other hand on my boob, directing bub's head onto it when he opened his mouth! This did work, but when she was not on duty we had to try expressing some colostrum, first by hand and then with an electric pump which was pretty successful.

By the time i went home i thought i had a handle on it, but my nipples have become sore (though not cracked or bleeding) and i noticed that the right one in particular always came out looking compressed sideways. A few days ago the tip of them started to turn white once he'd pulled off. This is apparently due to a bad latch, so i read lots of pages on latching and tried to put them into action. I think this has stressed me to the point of us not latching very well at all.

I tried a nipple shie…

Another bleed

April 1: Documenting another bleed. All i did today and yesterday was sit on the couch and feed bub. Today he decided he needed feeding every hour to half hour so quite a lot of sitting up which i think put pressure on the wound. Hubby has had a look at the haematomas and thinks they're smaller.

I'm also still passing a small amount of bright red-pink lochia, which is disappointing as it had seemed to be lessening and getting browner until Friday. It's very disheartening.

April 2: Another small one from the wound today, noticed after a nap. Lochia is dark red/pink. 3 weeks since surgery.

April 3: Took it very easy today, no bleeding from wound although i'm getting pains along the incision. There's no redness, so i assume it is the nerves twinging as the incision heals. Lochia is pink and less than yesterday.

April 4: Lochia about the same as yesterday, although it increased a little in the evening after a shopping trip. Pink and less on toilet paper after wiping. N…