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Two steps forward, one step back...

Discovered last night after one of our two hourly feedings that my wound had started bleeding again. Still old blood and looks like it's coming from the biggest haematoma as before, but it had stopped for a few days and i'd thought it had healed. The steristrips are still covering the incision, and although they've loosened where the blood has been, i can't see how far it's opened, but i'm a little worried about how wide the scar is going to be now when it finally heals.

Am wondering if i have to start my countdown of 6 weeks again? I think with the wound it'll be considered healed once the skin closes over. I guess if the lochia stops within 6 weeks and then the wound closes i'll consider me healed then.

On the road to recovery

Lochia is still reddish-pink, but definitely reducing. Hoping it turns to yellow/clear very soon.

I'm feeling a lot more mobile, although i'm now noticing a pulling feeling on my scar. I assume that is due to it both healing and me regaining sensation in the area. I can feel the skin on my tummy above the cut being touched, although i can't feel the skin over the haematomas yet. It does feel funny and a bit sore, to be expected i think after having been stretched so far in pregnancy and during delivery. I managed to get outside and water the potplants, which is a pretty big step for me. Sadly though i didn't feel up to doing the washing up ;)
Bub has put on 600g from birth weight and the community health nurse was very pleased with that. No other issues and i did mention the nipples to her, but as there's no visible damage and the pain goes away after a short while during the feed she wasn't too worried. Hubby thinks it's due to bub sucking hard at the star…

Moving forward - appointments and bleeding

We had an appointment at the children's hospital for the orthopedic specialist to look at bub's feet. The pediatrician at my hospital had referred him saying he has club feet. Hubby and i didn't think he did - he has a bend to the middle of his right foot which looks like it was that way because of the position he was in in the womb. The physio gave us some stretching exercises to do and she felt certain that would help resolve the problem, but the pediatrician disagreed and referred us.

So yesterday we made the 6 hour round trip back to the city to keep the appointment. The orthopedic specialist was really nice, she asked when they'd identified his feet (she wondered if it was on an ultrasound before birth) and asked were we ok with him having club feet. Then she had a look, and said, he's been misdiagnosed. He doesn't have club feet. What he has on that one foot is called Metatarsus adductus, and she thinks it will resolve by itself. She wants to have a look …

Recovery setback

All was going well with the recovery from the c section, my bruising was starting to yellow indicating healing, until 9 days after the section when i was feeding bub and felt something wet on my thigh. I thought perhaps he'd dribbled and put a hand down to wipe it away, but when i pulled my hand up it was covered in blood. I was horrified and looked quickly to see what was going on, and could just manage to see over my stomach that it was the wound reopened and bleeding.

I popped bub back in his cot and called hubby at work immediately, he was round to the house in less than 3 minutes, put bub in the car and we were off to the local hospital. They were extremely calm about it and referred to it as a dehisced caesarean wound, laid me down, prodded the haematoma i have above the incision and thought that it must have started draining through the wound. They said it didn't look like fresh blood so indicated the haematoma. Changed my dressing and waited for the on call doctor to a…

Birth story - part 2

At 40+4 i had lost tiny bits of my mucus plug and was starting to think that maybe bub would make an appearance before 41 weeks, and that we wouldn't have to go down the path of an elective c section. By that night i had mild cramping but didn't think much of it, went to bed as normal.

At 40+5, 3:20am, i woke in early labour. There was no ignoring it this time, cramps coming every 5 minutes. Not bad ones, but enough to be felt. After getting up to the toilet, i was hit by a particularly bad one and braced my back against one wall of the toilet and my hands against the other. This was the worst one i had - the following contractions were back at the mild stage. All of a sudden i felt the pad i had on become soaked and sat back down quickly on the toilet - by this stage i realised my water had broken. I checked the toilet and was thankful to see it was a milky white colour with no meconium. I stuffed a towel between my legs and found my phone, called hubby to start the drive up …

Birth story - part 1

Everything at the start seemed to come easily. I fell pregnant on our second month trying, didn't get morning sickness to any great degree, we passed our NT scan, i was accepted into the homebirth programme even with my newly diagnosed hypothyroidism, first felt our bub move around 15 weeks, and the morphology scan showed a perfectly sized baby for me - our little boy.

As we progressed further, the strange shape of my belly started to intrigue the midwives, and at 27 weeks they started to suspect a bicornuate uterus. No big fuss was made about this and i was assured i could still birth at home. I did a lot of research, found that most people with one could still birth naturally, but often they'd go into labour early - not necessarily pre-term however. My 30 week appointment at the hospital showed a head down baby and the consultant said if they're head down at this stage in a bicornuate, that's usually where they stay. My research agreed with this, but i was still worr…

Start of labour?

Saturday evening, 39+3, i discovered a glob of mucus in my underwear. Slightly yellow, no blood. Not sure if it's normal discharge coloured yellow from the EPO i've been inserting for 2 nights, or my plug. Will wait and see.

Thursday morning, 40+1. I'm still not sure about the plug from earlier, the EPO definitely results in yellow globs but not as big as that first one. I'm now getting the odd niggle like a period or diarrhoea cramp down low, particularly when baby moves... quite exciting. C'mon out bub!

Friday, 40+2. A few niggles, less than yesterday. Some at the top around the fundus, some low. Braxton Hicks have stepped up their frequency, but still mostly painless. Feeling like bub is running out of time for a natural delivery.

Saturday, 40+3. Starting to get my bloody show - discovered a few teeny tiny bits of brown tinged mucous on the toilet paper! It's interspersed with normal clear discharge. Still a lot more expected before i'd say i had my show…

Hospital packing list

I've put together three bags for the hospital. One will come in with me and has snacks for labour. The other two are for after the birth, one for the baby, one for me. This is what's in them:

Labour bag:

Snacks for during labour - marshmallows and processed cheese
Rescue Remedy to keep me calm
Lip balm as my lips get dry
Some books to read (not pictured) - my Hypnobirthing book (between contractions) and Bridget Jones (for after the birth when i'm bored of tv/can't sleep)
My antenatal record folder (not pictured) which has my details and my birth plan

I'll probably pop a bottle of water in as well, which can be refilled as needed

My bag:
Tshirt for day wear - need to put my shorts in but i'm currently wearing them
Pyjamas - bought specially for the occasion. They button down the front so easy to breastfeed without flashing
Maternity pads
Breast pads
Soft bras that will be easy to sleep in
Big undies, in case i have to have a c section
Lovely warm robe as the ho…

Still waiting

40+3 today. My ticker says bub is fully baked, but may hang around because it's comfortable. I'm telling bub there's a difference between fully baked and overcooked, and we want him here before he becomes the latter!

One of my friends made a slip up on Facebook - asked if i'd popped yet in response to a comment i'd made on his status. Unfortunately that meant i couldn't delete the comment! I opened up a chat dialogue with him immediately asking if he could remove that comment (well demanding really as i panicked!) but no response within a few minutes so i unfriended him. It was the only thing i could think of to do to hide the comment. I think that he's got his Facebook locked down enough so that only those who are friends with us both would know (and the rest of his friends who don't know me wouldn't care) but i didn't want to take any chances. Just waiting for him to log back on and delete the comment, and i'll resend him a friend request.…

Facebook birth announcement plan

To keep hubby's ex from finding out about our baby before he's arrived, we've asked everyone we've told about the pregnancy to keep it off Facebook. This has also meant he can't tell his biological family or his kids, or anyone who still has contact with his ex, as it would go straight back to her. I don't think she'd do much other than try to pull him into court on silly matters purely so he has to waste money on a lawyer, i don't think she'd come round to physically harass me, but better to be safe than sorry.

So the announcement will go up on my page first, with the few people on my list who have contact with her blocked from seeing this particular thread of posts. Once hubby has informed CSA of baby's arrival, and they inform her of the corresponding small drop to her child support amount, we'll hear the screams, and he will then post on his page as well. Bets are currently on that he'll get the first call from his biological mother …

40 weeks... full term... due date...

And nothing.

It's reminding me of the three weeks at the very start of this journey, after ovulation where i'd wait patiently for two weeks for AF to start. As i'm not spot on regular, i waited longer than my longest charted luteal period (which was 19 days) before testing, and got my positive 23 days after ovulating. I've been waiting now since 37 weeks for some sign that labour is starting, so 21 days. I really would laugh if labour now started in 2 days time!

My mother, who has shown little interest in my pregnancy so far, has now started (well a week ago actually) hassling me for updates. Wanted to know if the doctors had told me when bub was expected to arrive so she and Dad could work their weekend plans around the date to visit. I told her this wasn't possible, doctors can't tell that level of detail, and that we'd let them know as soon as bub arrived. And perhaps she'd like to come up a week later when hubby has to go back to work so she can hel…

Almost due

I've got one day to go until my due date and bub is not showing much sign of wanting to get out. I never thought i'd get this far along, as i was warned of the risk of preterm labour with a bicornuate uterus. But i reached 37 weeks with no preterm labour, which was great... then 38 (surely bub will make an appearance soon?)... then 39 has come and almost gone and no labour signs.

I had my final midwife appointment today. Next time i see her will be at the hospital if/when i go into labour. If i don't go into labour before 41 weeks, i'll see the consultant at that time and i suspect she'll advise a scheduled c section (because i'm a first timer, and bub's skull bones are starting to firm up around this time making a vaginal birth through an 'unproven' pelvis slightly riskier). But who knows... she may be happy to watch and wait till 42.

Things are normal apart from some slight swelling, blood pressure round the same, no protein (yay!) and bub's h…

Apple and Cinnamon Muffins

This recipe is taken from with a few minor alterations. They've only just come out the oven and i've eaten one already... will have to save a few for my two workmates and hubby who are helping me move most of the furniture into storage tomorrow before bub arrives and then settlement goes through (ok, not so much helping as doing it for me, but you know what i meant!). It makes a very soft muffin with a fine crumb.

Olive oil spray, for greasing
300g (2 cups) self raising flour
2 tsp ground cinnamon
150g (3/4 cup, firmly packed) brown sugar
2 medium (about 375g) Granny Smith apples (i used Pink Lady), cored, peeled, chopped
125g (3/4 cup) sultanas, soaked in hot water for 15 minutes
125g melted butter or oil
2 eggs, lightly whisked
185mls (3/4 cup) milk

2 tbsp caster sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon

Preheat oven to 180 C and lightly grease your muffin tins with the olive oil spray.
Whisk together the eggs, butter/oil and milk in a large bowl, and…

Bunny hat and nappy cover pattern

As our bub is due the month before easter, i made him a bunny hat and nappy cover for his newborn photos. I actually made them over xmas but have only just got around to posting.

These are knit in stockinette stitch. I used huge needles (size 9) and feather wool. Adjust for your own needle and wool size, and don't take these too closely as i'm not a great knitter and dropped stitches all over the place.

Nappy cover:
cast on 42 stitches, knit until work measures 3 inches.
knit 2 tog, knit 3.
knit one row.
knit 2 tog, knit 2.
knit one row. knit 2 tog, knit 2.
knit one row. knit 2 tog, knit 1.
knit 8 rows.

Now start increasing the size for the front of the nappy.

inc 1, knit 2.
knit one row.
inc 1, knit 2.
knit one row.
inc 1, knit 3.
knit one row and cast off.

I've bought wooden toggles to attach the sides of the nappy cover to the front, but i'm waiting for bub's arrival so i can place them in the right spot to fit him.

Last step - make a pompom for the tail. I used…