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On the move!

From 7 to 8 months, Ethan was practicing getting ready to crawl. He'd frequently balance himself on hands and knees and rock back and forth. I thought crawling was a while away as he still wasn't a steady sitter. Daycare used to pile cushions behind him if they left him sitting with a toy. I didn't count on how much it would help him being at daycare though, either with them constantly letting him sit on his own, or him watching the other kids crawling round, but suddenly he 'got' sitting. I'd put him outside on the grass and sit behind him, and he didn't fall back every few minutes. Cue proud mumma!

He could sit either leaning on his hands or without them. I watched him start leaning right forward onto his hands in front of him, and he'd get one leg under him, and rock forward until he got the other out, and rock back and forth. Then he'd either collapse forward onto his chest with his bum up, or the other end would collapse, so he was doing a push…

Sleeping like a baby

Sleeping like a baby.

I really don't understand that saying.

Babies generally don't sleep well straight away (at least in my experience) yet the saying is used for a good, long, quiet sleep! Babies snuffle, wake frequently, and some decide the middle of the night is playtime (thankfully we've not experienced that one) and when sick they can continually wake after only a few minutes of sleep and can't settle for an hour or two.

However, although he is still waking 3-4 times a night, his day sleeps have improved beyond my hopes :) Since starting daycare, he's now regularly napping for an hour to an hour and a half, a quick wake and i'll go in to resettle him, and he sleeps for another half hour :) He's now on two naps a day, the first one 3 hours after waking (9:30am), then he's awake 4, 4 1/2 hours and down for the second nap at 3:30. When his naps were only 30 minutes, he couldn't stay awake longer than two hours without getting grizzly because he w…

Nine months postpartum

As per usual, TMI warning and photos of bare mummy tummy :) If you don't want to see, look away now!

Nine months old, he sits solidly, crawls so fast i really have to hurry to keep up with him, and is pulling himself up onto his knees a lot now. Sometimes he experiments with putting one foot on the floor while kneeling, but hasn't yet got the strength to pull up. He's pretty much refusing all food now - toys go into his mouth but not finger foods. On the odd day we'll have a win and he'll pick up a piece of food and put it to his mouth, and chew. Most of the time he'll either ignore it completely or pick it up and put it near his mouth, then throw it on the floor. I've even resorted to attempting to spoon feed him, but he hates this and cries, and spits it out again. I'm getting really worried about the refusal. He has not gained any weight this last month. He wakes 3-4 times a night, and we've had a few nights with one wakeup.

No improvement in my …

Hiatus: or, still no internet

Hubby's contract in the country has almost come to an end, and so he's arranged to transfer the internet connection up here. Unfortunately it's going to take another 2 weeks, so i'm stuck with chasing free internet connections at home and so don't really get a chance to blog (i don't blog while at work). Now that i'm back at work, my only time for blogging would be in the evening after bubby is in bed, and as it's only me looking after him at the moment i can't leave the house. So, we're on hiatus for another fortnight.

In good news though, everything has settled after the move, work is great, he loves daycare, his sleeps have improved sooo much (more about that later), he's made huge physical advances (a scheduled blog post) and the only thing that is an issue is his eating, or rather lack of. He's now 9 months old and won't eat solids. My slight concern about that was made far far worse by the new CHN who made it out to be a big de…

Moved house

As the title says, we've moved house. Me and bubby that is. Hubby is still in the country as he doesn't finish his posting until mid December.

So as you can imagine, it's pretty stressful here. Much warmer (to the point where i'm putting bub to bed in just a nappy instead of a warm pair of pjs, sleeping bag and blanket), much noisier due to traffic and lots more people around, his room is brighter - and all this equals a non-sleeping baby. He's always only been a catnapper so i've never had much of a break to get stuff done, but he would drop off to sleep within 5 or 10 minutes, sometimes complaining, sometimes not. Now it's got to the point where i'm having to do controlled crying which i really don't like, as the minute i put him down, or remove my hand from his tummy, he cries. And i can't stand bent over his cot with a hand on him while he giggles and tries to grab my fingers for too long, as it's just not getting him to sleep!


20 day cleaning challenge - day 20

Day 20's challenge was free choice. I ran out of time.

Free choice -  Declutter:
Baking day
New habit:
Stick with your routines
5 minutes only:
Tell all your family members you love them, thank them for helping you through this challenge and being such a wonderful support.

20 day cleaning challenge - day 19

Day 19's challenge was kids' bedrooms. I ran out of time.


Open window to let in fresh air -
Strip the bed sheets off the bed -
Wash all bedding -
Wash all teddies and then put on line in sunshine for a few hours to help remove dustmites -
Vacuum mattress -
Flip mattress if you haven’t recently -
Pick up and put away all clothing -
Pick up and put/throw away all other clutter -
Dust all surfaces, bedside tables, dressing tables, mirrors, picture frames -
Dust ornaments -
Vacuum ceiling fan to remove dust that has settled during winter -
Vacuum the floor, including under the bed -
Place clean linens on the bed -


Donate or store away for hand me downs the following from the kids rooms -
Small clothes
Shoes that are too small
Toys they have outgrown
Books they have outgrown

Throw out -
Paper clutter
Broken toys


Kids' bedrooms -

New habit:

Part with sentimental clutter. If you don’t love it or use it has to go. Read this full detailed post about how to part with s…

20 day cleaning challenge - day 18

Day 18's challenge was cleaning your handbag. I ran out of time for this task.


Handbag -


Inside of your handbag -


Date night - fantastic idea! We don't have any family as babysitters and i'm reluctant to leave him with someone i don't know. However, for an occasional night, my old housemate who is a childcare worker might be willing? But failing that, he's asleep by 8pm so hubby and i have time to ourselves then.

New habit:

To-do list -

5 minutes only:

Empty all indoor rubbish bins and put into your outdoor wheelie bin - i do this regularly.

20 day cleaning challenge - day 17

Day 17's challenge i ran out of time for.


Light switches and door handles - did the switches with each room challenge, and the area around the handle on the door, but not the handles.


Medicine cabinet - ours is pretty tidy.


Medicines -

New habit:

Junk mail -

5 minutes only:

Spot clean your lounge - this one has come up a few times now. Not sure how dirty other people's lounges get, but mine really doesn't need it so often. I just chuck the covers in the wash every now and again when it's dirty.

20 day cleaning challenge - day 16

Day 16's challenge was wardrobes. This will be a good one to do in the new house, no time here.


Remove all items from the floor -
Wipe over skirting boards -
If you have shelves remove items from shelves and give them a wipe over to remove dust -
Vacuum floor -


Your clothes.
Remove any items that need repairing, assess if you have time place them in a mending pile, if you don’t, consider if it’s worth getting it repaired professionally or give to charity for somebody that may have time -
Have you worn it in the past 12-18 months? No, then consider donating it to charity  -
Does it still fit? Too big, great work! Donate it to charity you don’t need them anymore! Too small, if you are trying hard to return back to that size then place these items (not all as you need incentive) in a storage conatiner in the top of your cupboard to make enough room for the clothes that fit you now -
Purge if you don’t like how it looks or feels on you -


Your wardrobe -

New habit:

20 day cleaning challenge - day 15

Day 15's challenge was the patio. Most of this i did before i ran out of time.


Remove all cobwebs from roof and furniture -
Clean windows surrounding patio - the windows are the kitchen and laundry, and i did those on their challenge days.
Clean furniture - we have one chair out there, but it's covered in car parts so i'm not touching that.
Wipe over BBQ - don't have one here.
Remove old leaves and blossoms from potted plants - done.
Clean floor - Karcher will need to be brought up here from storage before we can tackle this.


Weeds - done, except under the car as i can't reach.


Kids wardrobes - he doesn't have one yet, just drawers, and i keep them tidy.

New habit:

Water plants - I do this whenever i see my driest hanging plant is starting to droop. Probably should get into a routine. As it's spring i can get away with watering twice a week. Once summer hits it'll need to be at minimum once a day.

5 minutes only:

Tidy outside front doo…

20 day cleaning challenge - day 14

Day 14's challenge was the office. I don't have an office set up here, but in any case i ran out of time.


Declutter your office desk -
Empty bins -
Dust/wipe over all surfaces -
Clean your computer -
Clean window -
Pick up items from the floor to make vacuuming easier -
Clean skirting boards -
Vacuum floor -


Office desk:

Grab two bins, one for rubbish, one for recycling and have them close by (if you have confidential information you may need a shred bin too) -
Divide the paperwork on your desk into the following piles: to-do, file, read, receipts (these are enough for our quick tidy up), not forgetting to recycle and throw any paper as you go -
As you find little notes, add them to your to-do list so they are all together -
Test the pens, highlighters etc on your desk that they all work, throw away those that have dried up -
Tidy your corkboard -
Remove anything that doesn’t belong on your desk - .


Create a folder system for your piles, to-do, file, read, receip…

20 day cleaning challenge - day 13

Day 13's challenge:


The cornices - out of time (see this post).


Kids artwork - none yet as he's too young.


Kids artwork - i've seen a great idea of scanning the artwork and making it into a photobook - here's the blog i saw it on.

New habit:
Kids drawings - display then store.
5 minutes only:
Remove dust from bathroom exhaust fan - did this with the day 9 5 minutes only task as it's an all in one light/fan.

20 day cleaning challenge - out of time

I'm admitting this now, with a few days to go before i move - i'm not going to finish the challenge. Just ran out of time. We've come back from holidays - more on that later - and my focus now is on getting bub to settle by himself again (he's discovered sleeping in a moving pram and in bed with us is more fun than in his cot) so i can make a list of what i need and get packing. Bub and i will move back to Perth and hubby will stay here until the end of the year when his contract ends, at which point his company will move the rest of the furniture up. I only need to take bub's furniture and maybe a chest of drawers for me with us this time, the rest of the household furniture including my bed is in storage from when i moved out of my house.

Aside from clothes and my stuff (laptop, paperwork etc) i also need to take some food staples with me so we don't end up with two of everything again. Things we get through quickly such as flour and oil shouldn't be much…

20 day cleaning challenge - day 12

Day 12's challenge was the dishwasher and bathroom cupboards. I've fallen right behind as should be up to day 20 now, but it's ok... so long as i get there in the end!


Dishwasher - don't have one.


Bathroom cupboards - these have been decluttered before i moved, in that i decluttered my stuff. There's still a lot of bottles i have to use up, but i'm aware of them. I spoke to hubby about his, he has lots of shaving foams where he pretty much always shaves just with water, but he says he uses them sometimes and has been getting through them slowly. He also has several body washes given as gifts where he prefers soap, but he has been using them to clean other things (car parts, hands after handling car parts etc) so is getting through them slowly.


Bathroom cupboards - they've stayed tidy since i was well enough after the c section to organise everything.

New habit:

Check your calendar - i do this :)

5 minutes only:

Grab a plastic bag and …

DIY star mobile

I made this to go over bub's change table, to keep him occupied while i'm changing him and hopefully take his attention off of eating the curtains for a while. It would be equally as beautiful hung over a cot which is probably where it will go when he's too big for the table and we change him on the floor.

This is everything i used for the project. Fabric glue, 6m ribbon, metal ring (14" diameter), silver thread (1000m but i've not used anywhere near that amount), over 300 stars cut from cardstock (from Etsy seller Scrapbook Solutions), and the same amount of beads.

I couldn't find any craft rings, so made one by straightening (curling?) a wire coat hanger and cutting off the hanger part of it. Then, i wrapped it in black ribbon and glued the end down with fabric glue. Once dry, i then attached 4 ribbons around the edge to hang it with. To connect them together, i just knotted the free ends over each other a few times and then secured both ends with glue. I&#…

20 day cleaning challenge - day 11

Halfway through the challenge! Day 11's challenge is the washing machine.


Washing machine - this is an interesting one. I've never done it before. I've put about a cup of bleach in the tub, and a little bit in the dispenser (we have a front loader) and have run it on it's hottest wash (95C... which won't work i've just realised as the water heater here is limited to 50C so that's as hot as it will get). All done and i've run the cloth around the seal as well.


Linen cupboard - we don't buy many sets of sheets. Only tend to do it when one of ours is wearing out and we wait for a sale. Our cupboard has another doona (duvet) set, some sheet sets, my sewing and craft baskets, the second coffee machine (of which the seals are wearing out but we're keeping it so we have one each when i move out until hubby moves home), the dog dryer and shampoo, and various other items. It's pretty tidy.


Linen cupboard - only temporary so n…

20 day cleaning challenge - day 10

Day 10's challenge is my least favourite item to clean.


Oven - Tried the vinegar and bicarb trick. It kinda worked. Got some of the baked on food off, but i ended up using Gumption to clean the glass. The oven itself looks cleaner but i can still see those really baked on dark patches on the inside of the door and floor. I didn't do the shelves as i can't find my Napisan. Don't remember using it up before i moved. Need to still wipe down the front of the oven.


Kitchen cupboards - instead of doing this, i've already earmarked a few pots and pans, plus my appliances to take with me when i move. The rest will come down with hubby at the end of the year when his contract ends.


Tupperware cupboard - hubby actually has kept this tidy. He gets sick of the chinese containers falling out.

New habit:

Cleaning stove - i only do this every few weeks. Should try to do it at least twice a week.

5 minutes only:

Clean spatters from bathroom mirrors - is stil…

20 day cleaning challenge - day 9

Day 9's challenge:


Ceiling fans - woo! We have none so that's an easy job done!


Junk drawer - don't have one. Our kitchen utensils are all over the place, but will be moved shortly anyway.


Calendar/diary - i use a calendar, two actually. One on my computer and one on my phone. That way nothing is lost, (although you can sync with Google calendars which will do the same thing) and if my phone is not near me my computer will remind me of an upcoming appointment.

New habit:

Unload dishwasher - woot! We don't have one - ticked!

5 minutes only:

Dust around the lights in each room of the house - done.

20 day cleaning challenge - day 8

Day 8's challenge:


Kids toy room, craft room, spare room or extra living room (one only) - I'm choosing the back bedroom where i keep my clothes and hubby keeps his r/c planes.

Tidy area by placing all items where they belong - done.
Empty bins - no bins.
Dust/wipe over all surfaces - done.
Clean window - inside done.
Pick up items from the floor to make vacuuming easier - done.
Clean skirting boards - vacuumed.
Vacuum floor - done.


Kids toys - not doing anything on this as he's only 6 months old and still plays with all his toys.


Family Responsibility System - again he's too young.

New habit:

Tidy shelf

5 minutes only:

Tidy main bedroom - has stayed tidy.

Wow. That's three challenges i've completed today! Way to go to catch up :) I should be on day 13 by now, getting there slowly.

20 day cleaning challenge - day 7

Day 7's task was the fridge.


Open fridge door and take note of what the temperature is. Now turn inside temperature control to ‘off’, save you electricity - did it a shelf at a time so didn't do this.
Throw away anything that is out of date or spoiled. You’ll be surprised what you’ll find - only a few items.
Move all other items to bench - done.
Take all removable parts and wash in warm soapy water in the sink - done.
While they are drying, wipe the inside of the fridge using warm soapy water and sponge, remembering the door shelves - done.
If your fridge has an odour, make up 1tsp of bicarbonate soda to 500ml of warm water and use to wipe fridge then rinse. To give my fridge a fresh smell I use McLintocks Vanilla fridge wipe - fridge doesn't smell but i do love the vanilla fridge wipe!
Place all shelves into the fridge - done.
Return food items back into fridge, placing similar food items together. See below for ideas on organising the fridge - we have far too many cond…

20 day cleaning challenge - day 6

Day 6's challenge was the bathroom. Blech. This house is very damp and prone to mould, not something i enjoy cleaning, but very much something that needs doing.


Spray your shower with shower cleaner, leave for 10 minutes - left mine for 24 hours, as i have a non-bleach cleaner so needs slightly longer to work. Didn't need that long, but i figured i could spray it on after we'd had our showers, then scrub it while next in the shower.
Note to self - don't wash your face after rinsing the walls with a sponge, even after washing hands. My eyes hurt :(
While waiting: Using all purpose cleaner remove the hard water build up around the taps, using a toothbrush if needed - done.
Remove the buildup in the drain - done.
Clean mirror - done.
Clean toothbrush holder (I put ours in the dishwasher) - don't have a toothbrush holder, as we have electric toothbrushes, but i keep my hairbrush and other items in a holder.
Wipe over vanity and all other items sitting on vanity - done…

20 day cleaning challenge - day 5

Oh dear. Wasn't very successful this week. I was tired on Monday and then the rest of the week, until Thursday night, bubby woke 4 times a night, where he'd been waking 2 the previous week and i'd got used to the longer sleep. So all i managed to do was most of day 5 and a start on day 6 all week. Friday i could have done it, but the final item that i needed to make my latest DIY project arrived and i didn't want to wait so i started on that - more to come soon.

Day 5's challenge was the floors.


Pick up as much as you can off the floor - done.
Vacuum all floors, hard and carpet - done (apart from the change room and the end bedroom)
Mop floor - done.
Relax while the floor is drying - :)


Out of date food - will have a go at this when going through the pantry for the next task.


Pantry - still to do. Will be noting down everything in there and trying to use up those we have 2 or more items of. Also need to work out what will come with me and bubby…

Six months postpartum

As per usual, TMI warning and photos of bare mummy tummy :) If you don't want to see, look away now!

Wow. Half a year old already. I made cupcakes to celebrate... but he can't have any yet! Never mind, he doesn't know what he's missing and we'll let him cut loose on his first birthday with a smash cake for photos as well as his birthday cake.

Not sitting yet, seems to be more interested in crawling. On the day he turned six months, he was lifting his belly a little way off the floor. Then he'd lay down and tuck a knee under him. Once he puts the two together he'll be on the move. We started solids a week and a half ago and he got the hang of holding the piece of food and bringing it to his mouth quite quickly. He has a definite preference for fruits over veggies. He sucks on the food, chews small bits off then spits out the pieces, as he hasn't developed a swallow yet (as expected). He wakes 2-4 times a night.

No apparent improvement in my diastasis rec…

20 day cleaning challenge - day 4

Day 4's challenge was the lounge room. Hubby has been telling me that 'we' need to clean the lounge room for a few weeks now (i think he meant me!) so i thought this was the perfect job for him. He had a go at it in between working on his car on the weekend.


Place decorative cushions on washing line in sunshine for a few hours to help remove dustmites - not done.
Wash throw rugs - don't have any.
Dust all units in your lounge room: TV unit, display cabinets, coffee table etc. - not done.
Remove all DVD’s, CD’s or video games and dust this area, giving consoles and DVD players a good clean - not done.
Reconsider the amount of ornaments you have on display to make dusting easier - not done.
Dust all photo and picture frames - not done.
Wipe over all TV remote controls and video game controllers to remove germs and dirt buildup - not done.
Clean light fittings - not done.
Spot clean your couch - any time i've spilt anything on it i've taken the cushion cover off to …

20 day cleaning challenge - day 3

I did this one on Saturday, just to catch up. However i didn't do yesterday's challenge as the washing machine which belongs to our rented house finally gave up the ghost and stopped spinning, which meant the clothes got wet but nothing else. Had to hand wash 10 or so nappies :( I won't go into details, but it's resulted in me rewashing the entire load in my front loader which we had in the storeroom. Hubby kindly moved it into the (cleaned) laundry for me today.

Day 3's challenge was the laundry.


Wipe over the laundry sink - done. Scrubbed it with sugar soap and then wiped it with vinegar.
Clean all benchtops/surfaces - done.
Using the brush attachment remove all dust and lint from your dryer - done.
Dust your laundry walls (lint and dust does build up due to moisture from the dryer) - done. Also sugar soaped the dirty marks.
Clean window - done.
Clean floor - vacuumed, i haven't mopped yet.


Laundry pile - as i wash every morning, there wasn't a …

20 day cleaning challenge - day 2

Day 2's challenge was the main bedroom.


Strip the bed sheets off the bed - i had done this in the middle of the previous week so didn't do it this time.
Wash all bedding - as above.
Place decorative cushions on line in sunshine for a few hours to help remove dustmites - ran out of time, but completed on Saturday.
Vacuum mattress - will do next time i change sheets.
Flip mattress if you have not done in the past 3 months (I flip mine every 2 months) - will do next time i change sheets.
Pick up and put away all clothing - done.
Pick up and put/throw away all paper clutter - done.
Pick up and put/throw away all other clutter - done.
Dust all surfaces, bedside tables, dressing tables, mirrors, picture frames - Took me a while, as bub sleeps in our room so i could only do this between naps, and not for long as he got bored being in the bedroom. I finished it on Saturday.
Dust ornaments - don't have any.
Vacuum ceiling fan to remove dust that has settled during winter - don't…

20 day cleaning challenge - pre-challenge tasks

Task 1: get a file and dividers ready for the printables.
I skipped this step. I am trying not to add to my pile of things to move in a month and a half, so instead i am doing the items one by one as they appear on each challenge and writing down what i've completed on my blog.

Task 2: get your cleaning kit together.
I did go off to Woolies and get one of the household containers she showed us in the task, plus two spray bottles. I filled one with white vinegar and the other with sugar soap solution. That plus the window cleaner and Mould Power (a natural treatment that doesn't stink, but doesn't bleach either, just kills the mould) makes up my kit.

Task 3: make up a morning routine.
Day starts when baby wakes, and i take him to bed to feed him.
Hubby makes us coffee and changes bub.
I dress bub while hubby gets ready for work and has breaky.
Bub plays on his mat while i get dressed, brush hair, and make myself a cup of tea and some breakfast.
Hubby is off to work.

It's a…

20 day cleaning challenge - day 1

Day 1's challenge was a huge one! Cleaning the kitchen. The Organised Housewife broke it down into several headings, and those into steps, so i'll follow that same format below.


Load dishwasher  - we don't have one, so i skipped this step
Wipe over sink - done. Scrubbed the dirty bits with Gumption too, and wiped over with vinegar: it's now sparkling.
Clean the benches - done. Took a while as i had to move all our appliances to do so, and gave them a clean when i did.
Wipe down the cupboard doors - done.
Dust on top of the overhead cupboards - done. Did the top of the wooden window pelmet too.
Clean the microwave - outside done. Will do the inside on Day 2 if i get time after the next challenge.
Wipe over walls - done, except above the fridge as i can't reach even with a chair.
Clean window and window sills - sill done, haven't done window. Again will try to do on Day 2, or on the weekend. Update - window done.
Dust light fittings - out of time.



20 day cleaning challenge

I'll admit it: i'm not the tidiest of people. But since bubby arrived, i've not organised myself enough to do more than washing, dishes and vaccuuming. Our bathroom has been cleaned twice in nearly six months! Yeah - bad even by my standards. I never used to let it go longer than three weeks max. So this challenge couldn't have come at a better time.

A friend posted on Facebook that she was behind on the cleaning challenge and it was only day 2. I wondered what the challenge was, and as comments started to appear following her post i found that it was the '20 days to organise and clean your home' challenge from The Organised Housewife. I'm starting on it late - it's day 3 already, but that's ok, i'll just follow along behind and try to keep up as much as i can, when my catnapper lets me.

It starts off with some pre-challenge tasks, to ensure you have everything you need to complete the challenge (such as cleaners and cloths). There's five t…

DIY Moby-style wrap

I made this after seeing a picture of one on Babycenter, and found a tutorial on WearYourBaby. I followed the tutorial and then added a patch of cotton in the middle of the wrap, which gives a bit more stability to the part your baby sits in.

This is the cotton i used for the patch. I picked two different ones.

Here's the jersey fabric which makes the wrap, before i cut it into three. It's 4.5m long, and 150cm wide.

Once i'd cut the jersey into three lengthwise (btw i used jersey as it doesn't need hemming), i folded in in half to find the middle, and this is how i placed the cotton. I tucked the edges of the cotton under, pinned it to the jersey, and sewed round the edge. I used a straight stitch as the cotton doesn't stretch.

I actually did this back when i was 7 months pregnant, but have only just managed to get around to taking a photo of it being used. Oops! I don't use it that often as he didn't like it when he was small, but now i can use the front c…

A day in the life of a five month old

We'll start this when we get up in the morning, and end with the last sleep of the night. This is a fairly typical week day.

7:15am. Dad's up and has made coffee. Bub's awake in his cot, lying quietly, so Dad gets him up and sits him on the sofa next to him. Mum gets up as well.

7:30am. Mum has finished her coffee and attempts to give bub a feed, but he's not that hungry and more interested in looking around.

7:45am. Bub has been burped and is now on his back under his activity arch. He grabs hold of a clean onesie which is near his mat from when Daddy took it out of the dryer and investigates it.

8:37am. Bum change, back on his mat for some tummy time, and then Mum throws yesterday's nappies in the wash and grabs some breakfast. Dad is at work now.

8:45am. Moisturiser and pawpaw ointment on bub's dry scalp to help keep away cradle cap and the itchies, and then in his swaddle and off for a nap.

9:00am. Bub is resisting sleep and crying, so Mum tries running the…

Five months postpartum

As per usual, TMI warning and photos of bare mummy tummy :) If you don't want to see, look away now!

Five months postpartum already. These postpartum posts are starting to come by faster and faster, it seems. I'll blink and be up to his one year post in no time.

Bub is now able to manipulate objects quite well. Most items make their way into his mouth and at the start of this week we discovered all that chewing had helped two little teeth cut their way through his lower gum. Tummy time is no longer the hated exercise it once was, he now quite likes it and holds his head up high. He really wants to sit up like the adults but doesn't quite have the muscle strength yet. I hold him round his hips and he will lean in a direction to investigate a toy but keep going - he hasn't worked out to put a hand out yet. He's very interested in what's going on, which makes it quite difficult when nursing him - he pulls off constantly to look around and see what's going on.…

DIY single knot hat

Bub is starting to grow out of his hats which he's had since newborn (when they were way too big!) and so i made him some hats out of the leftover bamboo from his swaddle. These are pretty quick and easy to make - i made two today in between looking after bub who doesn't nap long, and having friends over for afternoon tea. Would have taken probably an hour each and that included making the pattern.

This one is a single knot hat. I traced his current hats and then just enlarged the pattern by an inch and a half, which has made it slightly too large for him now, but will fit him when he's 6 months. I still have fabric left so may make another to fit him now (4 1/2 months) if i think he needs another.

I'll upload the pattern when i get a chance.

Cut two of the pattern, leaving a 1cm seam allowance (not included in pattern).
Pin and sew around all edges except bottom edge - straight stitch is fine.

Leaving the hat inside out, fold up the hem to point B on the pattern, pin …

DIY peanut swaddle

We've noticed that bub's head is so itchy it's waking him up at night and he's scratching at it whenever he gets a chance. When he wakes, we heard the swoosh of him rubbing his mittened hands along the sides of his head, frantically trying to scratch. We're trying out different creams and various other things, but until we find something that works to soothe the itch we want to keep his hands away from his head.

Our muslin swaddling wraps are still big enough to wrap around him, but he's far stronger than he was a few months ago and he breaks out of it easily. I kept trying until hubby found the wrap around his neck when checking on him. So i went looking for a swaddle that would work, and found the Mod Swad on The Art of Making a Baby. I had a look at the Mod Swad website and was sold - not only do they look funky, but Elena's review was very positive. I really liked the black one best - Rockstar. However they don't ship to Australia, because they have…