MeAprilJuneAugust (10 wks pg)October (20 wks pg)Aim
Right thigh53cm (21")54.5 (21.5")52.5cm (20.5")54.5cm (21.5")48cm (19")
Left thigh52cm (20.5")53cm (21")52cm (20.5")53cm (21")48cm (19")
Waist68.5cm (27")77cm (30.5")
Stomach99cm (39")99.5cm (39")97.5cm (37.5")98.5cm (38.5")86cm (34")

Hubby's been saying that he's sure my thighs have got heavier during the pregnancy. Looks like he's right, but they've not increased much. I'm amazed at how much bigger my belly has grown!

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