It's a boy!

We had the morphology scan yesterday, and told the sonographer that we would like to know the sex of the baby. She put the wand on my stomach and almost straight away announced she could see the genitals of... a little boy. He's healthy looking and everything checks out as it should, as far as she told us. The report will go to my doctor next week so if there's anything wrong she'll contact me, otherwise i'll see her for my 28 week blood draw.

The scan went for around 40 minutes as bub was generally cooperating and she was able to get most measurements the first time. He's in the 58th percentile for growth which is a relief, i'm only little so wouldn't be comfortable with a large baby towards the end of pregnancy. Heartbeat was 145bpm and the various measurements agree within a few days with his gestational age of 19 weeks 3 days.

So there go my dreams of one year old photos in a beautiful fluffy dark pink tutu... i don't think he'd thank us for that when he's older! Never mind, i've been checking out websites and they have some cute stuff for baby boys... just have to find something perfect for a photo. His newborn photo session outfit i kinda have in mind already.

And, so much for the timing method... it's a load of rubbish.

Rob and i have agreed on a name... we've been thinking of names since before we started trying. We settled on a girl's name very early on, but the boy's one changes every month or so. We'll see how long this one lasts.

Mum has said she doesn't want to know the sex... Dad does, and my sister does. So we'll tell Dad and my sister tonight but Dad will have to make sure Mum's not in earshot... or i'll just hold up a colour or something :)

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