Baby buys - pram, nappies

On Tuesday i won the eBay auction for a Phil and Ted Classic pram with a toddler seat. Went and picked it up on Wednesday afternoon, pretty pleased with it, it's only three years old and in very good condition.

When the main seat is in this configuration, you attach the toddler seat to the back of the pram, and that is for two toddlers. Generally the heavier child will go in the front, although the pram is balanced enough so it doesn't matter if the front child gets out while the other is still in. You can also put the toddler seat on the front, and lower the main seat to a flat position for a baby to lie in.

Later on i'll also get the double sunshade. Don't really need that until summer comes round again though, as bub will be born in the middle of autumn.

Our first lot of nappies arrived yesterday and i got to pick them up from the post office this morning before work. They arrived a lot faster than i expected; Abby's Lane posted them eight days ago. They're gorgeous :) Funnily enough now i look at them, they're mostly blue! This wasn't any intuition on my part though - they were simply out of stock of pink lemonade and baby blooms which are both pink based nappies.

Our BumGenius nappies have arrived at the PriceUSA American partner's place and i've paid the final instalment yesterday, and have received a tracking number this morning. They're expected to arrive within six days.

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