Baby buys - breast pump, bra, nappies

I put in an order for 8 Blueberry nappies from Abby's Lane this week while they were having a 10% off sale on Blueberry. I chose the snap type in swirls, tweets, cow, owls, monkey, blue summer, and blue and pink on chocolate. I'd also love to get pink lemonade and baby blooms but they were out of stock.

The sales rep (Jennifer) who emailed me after i put in my order to arrange the extra cost of delivery to Australia was very helpful. Postage cost US$48 which i thought was quite reasonable. Including delivery, after currency conversion, i got the nappies for $28.47 each, which is cheaper than the best price in Australia of $35 (inc delivery). They should arrive within about 3 weeks, based on average US air mail times.

I also took advantage of a BumGenius sale at the same time, but because they can't be shipped outside the US i researched options of shipping companies. I chose to go with Price USA, as they had good reviews and links to news articles written about them and looked to be trustworthy based on these. So i've put an order in for a dozen nappies, Twilight Snap, Moonbeam Snap, Clementine Snap, Zinnia Snap, Noodle Snap, Bubble Snap, Blossom Snap, Butternut Snap, Grasshopper Snap, White Snap, Sweet Snap, Artist Eiffel Tower Snap. They have only estimated the delivery so far, at $79, so i hope it works out cheaper than that in the end. I've paid a deposit and will pay the rest when the shipment arrives at the US partner's address, and she will let me know the total shipping cost and i'll pay the rest.

I also got hold of another Triumph Glamour Mama bra from eBay for $21 inc postage, and bought an Avent manual breast pump for $26.50.

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