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Baby buys - BumGenius nappies

My BumGenius stash arrived on Monday and i picked them up from the post office the next day, taking our stash to 20 nappies. Very pleased with them, they look well made and i love the colours.

In picture order, i chose Clementine, Grasshopper, White, Butternut, Noodle, Sweet, Bubble, Blossom, Twilight, Zinnia, artist series Eiffel Tower, and Moonbeam, all in snap closure.

Weight gain during pregnancy

Finally got some new batteries for my scales and weighed myself; was pleasantly surprised to find i hadn't put on as much as i thought i had - just over 4 kg from my pre-pregnancy weight. I know bub is doing well and is in the 58th percentile so although my weight gain is below the average, it seems to be right for me and bub.

This is a great site i found for estimating weight gain during pregnancy. Of course each person is different and i really like the statement they have at the bottom of the page to that effect: "Focus should not be so much on how much weight you are gaining in pregnancy; but how well you are eating in pregnancy!"

Baby buys - pram, nappies

On Tuesday i won the eBay auction for a Phil and Ted Classic pram with a toddler seat. Went and picked it up on Wednesday afternoon, pretty pleased with it, it's only three years old and in very good condition.

When the main seat is in this configuration, you attach the toddler seat to the back of the pram, and that is for two toddlers. Generally the heavier child will go in the front, although the pram is balanced enough so it doesn't matter if the front child gets out while the other is still in. You can also put the toddler seat on the front, and lower the main seat to a flat position for a baby to lie in.

Later on i'll also get the double sunshade. Don't really need that until summer comes round again though, as bub will be born in the middle of autumn.

Our first lot of nappies arrived yesterday and i got to pick them up from the post office this morning before work. They arrived a lot faster than i expected; Abby's Lane posted them eight days ago. They're …


MeAprilJuneAugust (10 wks pg)October (20 wks pg)AimRight thigh53cm (21")54.5 (21.5")52.5cm (20.5")54.5cm (21.5")48cm (19")Left thigh52cm (20.5")53cm (21")52cm (20.5")53cm (21")48cm (19")Waist68.5cm (27")77cm (30.5")DHStomach99cm (39")99.5cm (39")97.5cm (37.5")98.5cm (38.5")86cm (34")
Hubby's been saying that he's sure my thighs have got heavier during the pregnancy. Looks like he's right, but they've not increased much. I'm amazed at how much bigger my belly has grown!

Cheese, cranberry and lentil muffins

These are great for breakfast, or a snack any time of the day. No sugar (except for the dried cranberries which are generally sweetened), fairly low fat, and with lots of fibre from the lentils.

1 cup cooked lentils
1 cup dried cranberries
2 cups self-raising flour
80g grated cheddar
1 egg lightly beaten
2 tbsp vegetable oil
1 cup low-fat milk
¼ cup lemon juice

Cook lentils. Mix the lentils with egg, oil, milk and lemon juice. Gently fold in the cheese, flour and cranberries. Place into lightly greased muffin pan. Bake at 180c for 30 mins or until cooked.

Makes 12-14.

Zucchini mini quiches

These lovely little quiches are made from a zucchini slice recipe my Mum makes, and i've since found it's all over the web so very easy to look up the ingredients for from work to make that night!

1 onion, chopped
1 zucchini (courgette), grated
1 cup cheese, grated
2 rashers bacon, chopped
5 eggs
1/4 cup oil
1 cup self-raising flour
salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 180.
I usually throw an onion in the bowl of a food processor and process until chopped, then use the grating wheel to grate the zucchini and cheese. Then mix all the ingredients into a bowl, stir and spoon into lightly greased muffin tins.
Bake for 35 minutes, or until they are browned on top.
Makes 12-14.

And that's it! Easy and very yummy.

It's a boy!

We had the morphology scan yesterday, and told the sonographer that we would like to know the sex of the baby. She put the wand on my stomach and almost straight away announced she could see the genitals of... a little boy. He's healthy looking and everything checks out as it should, as far as she told us. The report will go to my doctor next week so if there's anything wrong she'll contact me, otherwise i'll see her for my 28 week blood draw.

The scan went for around 40 minutes as bub was generally cooperating and she was able to get most measurements the first time. He's in the 58th percentile for growth which is a relief, i'm only little so wouldn't be comfortable with a large baby towards the end of pregnancy. Heartbeat was 145bpm and the various measurements agree within a few days with his gestational age of 19 weeks 3 days.

So there go my dreams of one year old photos in a beautiful fluffy dark pink tutu... i don't think he'd thank us for tha…

Baby buys - breast pump, bra, nappies

I put in an order for 8 Blueberry nappies from Abby's Lane this week while they were having a 10% off sale on Blueberry. I chose the snap type in swirls, tweets, cow, owls, monkey, blue summer, and blue and pink on chocolate. I'd also love to get pink lemonade and baby blooms but they were out of stock.

The sales rep (Jennifer) who emailed me after i put in my order to arrange the extra cost of delivery to Australia was very helpful. Postage cost US$48 which i thought was quite reasonable. Including delivery, after currency conversion, i got the nappies for $28.47 each, which is cheaper than the best price in Australia of $35 (inc delivery). They should arrive within about 3 weeks, based on average US air mail times.

I also took advantage of a BumGenius sale at the same time, but because they can't be shipped outside the US i researched options of shipping companies. I chose to go with Price USA, as they had good reviews and links to news articles written about them and lo…

DIY Belly Band

I've made my own Belly Bands by cutting off the top of an old singlet (strappy top if you're not Aussie) and hemming the top. Was very easy and i took some photos of the process.

Singlet with the top cut off and a 1cm hem pinned:

Hem sewn using a simple zig zag stitch:
Band on:

Because i already had the singlets and cotton at home, this project was $0 and very quick to do :)

First maternity bra

I decided the time had now come to purchase a maternity bra. I've been wearing the loosest bras i have in my normal size, but they're leaving marks across my boobs as they're obviously too small. So i left work early yesterday and headed to the nearest lingerie shop that sold Hotmilk bras. I love their designs.

I picked out a few to try on, as well as a Lovable brand one. I figured i'd try one and two cup sizes above my normal - turns out i've grown two cup sizes :o.

Didn't have too much luck with the Hotmilk ones - they come up too far in the middle for me, the Lovable was much better but as i have quite a narrow chest the edge of the bra where the straps attach was too close to my arm, and when i move my arm forward the bra rubs. So i asked one of the shop ladies if she had anything similar to the Lovable but with straps more to the middle of the cup.

She found a few and sent me back to the changing rooms. I'd put on a bra and she'd come in, adjust th…